Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grandmothers Quilt

Many of my friends ask me how I occupy my time when I am on the road with the pipeliner.

I tell them I always pack two special things to make the time pass.

The first one is my Bible, and the second one is my box of goodies.

This box holds all of my sewing projects.

I have a few cross-stitch samplers, a loom for pot holders and my quilt that I started when we first hit the road.

That was 5 years ago!

The design is called a grandmothers flower garden.

I have quite a few of the "flowers" made.

My mother actually started me out, by giving me the hexagon to work with.

Each "petal" is a piece of cardboard cut out in the shape of a hexagon. You then stitch a square of fabric around this form.

After you have 6 petals you begin sewing them around your center petal.

You can make this your flower or add another row of petals.

Like I said this project has taken me over 5 years to get this far. The pipeliner used to tease me that I would be a grandmother before I ever got it done.

And he was right!

But it takes a lot of work to hand stitch each flower!

I only have 4 more flowers to complete before I begin sewing them all together. Then it might take me another year to quilt it.

Who knows, I could be a grandma again in that amount of time!

I found a great website that has a pattern for this quilt, along with the template for each petal.

Now my friends know how I spend time at the camper waiting for my pipeliner to return!



  1. It is such a beautiful pattern!! I can see why it is taking you so long!!!! The detail is amazing! I love that you have a box filled with goodies to work on!!! I need a box like that!!! Keep up the hard is going to be fantastic!!!!

  2. I love that pattern. It is gorgeous and I love the colors you have chosen. I will be waiting to see the finished quilt.

  3. So you sew the carboard inside the fabric? Wow, you have to cut a lot of cardboard as well. Love the different colors of purple. I love that color. It's just screams SPRING all the time, all year long. Beautiful. What size bed will it fit when you are done?

    1. Yes you sew the fabric around the cardboard. I used cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, and poster board. I think this will make a queen size cover.

  4. I'm impressed with your dedication. The flowers are pretty so I'm sure it is going to be gorgeous when you complete it.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. Thank you kindly for boot scootin’ on over to the Old Time Party!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Liz! I am amazed that you can do this in the camper. So pretty!