Monday, January 18, 2016

New Years Travel

Happy New Year!

I know that I am a few weeks behind
but our new year has been full of business!

We have been working hard trying to get our trucking firm up and going.

You know that saying if anything can go wrong it will?
That seems to be how it has gone so far!
 But from each mistake made is a lesson learned.

It will all come together sooner or later!

The pipeliner has been laid off from work since before Christmas.
It is nice having him home after spending most of 2015 apart.

We have been catching up on chores around the house.
But have also found some time to relax too.

The first weekend in January we took a trip to the city.

I love the Chicago skyline daytime or night!

We took in the last Bears game of the season.

To bad for the pipeliner, they lost!

As a Packers fan, I was just there for the Monster Marys!

We came home for a couple of days then set off on another trip.

New Orleans!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel in the French Quarter.

Thankfully the weather was quite nice for all of the little side trips we packed into our stay.

The first day we took a long van ride to a swamp in the backwaters of Louisiana.

We didn't see any big gators.
Only a few wild boars wading around in the water.

The views during our boatride were amazing!

Our next day started off with a tour of Lafayette Cemetery

Our 81 year old tour guide made it a very interesting walk!

We did a few other touristy things like visiting The Farmers Market,
with a quick stop at Cafe Du Monde.

Hit up Bourbon Street for a night of dancing.

Enjoyed a few oysters at the Acme Oyster House.

This was actually on my list of things to do before I turn 50!

The last day in New Orleans we took a paddle boat ride up the Mississippi.

Even though the water was high, there was lots of boat activity on the river.

We left the day before Carnival season was to kick off.
The Mardis Gras decorations were coming out all over the city.

The floats were all being prepared for the multiple parades.

Things were starting to get a little crazy after dark.
I can't even imagine how wild it will get in the next 2 weeks!

We had a good time,
but its always nice to be back home!

I am sure we will enjoy a few more adventures before the pipeline season begins again.

For now I will let the pipeliner relax a few more days then its back to the honey do list.

I never know when work will call!