Monday, May 7, 2012

Progression continues!

The farm house progression continues!
The guys showed up to tear off the roof. They sure got more than they bargained for.  Under the first 3 layers of shingles was plywood, and then 3 more layers of shingles. Lots of cussing going on the roof that morning.
The bottom layer was the original shake shingles from over 100 years ago.
After a hard day of peeling the roof off the guys had new plywood ready to go.

We decided from the very begining the old porch had to go. It had seen way better days.

What a difference it made to the look of the house.  The contractor built us a completely, but smaller new one. He also covered the little window that was upstairs.
Now it was time for that old tired looking beige siding to come off.

The little farm house all ready looks happier!  The pipeliner and I spent most of a Sunday afternoon picking up bits of shingles and tons of nails!  We couldn't be more pleased on how the place is begining to look!