Friday, February 20, 2015

A Cold Pipeline Journey

Our pipeline adventure 
has not been very adventurous!

The temperatures here have just been frigid!

We have even experienced more snow.

Little man likes collecting snowflakes.

There are so many exciting stores within walking distance,
but its just to dang cold out to walk there!

We did manage to have a night out.

The pipeliner, little man and I had dinner with 
a fellow blogger and his lovely wife.

We have been blogging friends for over 9 years
on another site.

That was so much fun!

But the remaining time has been spent
playing with little man in our hotel room.

I am so glad he is such a happy little guy!

He loves listening to his nursery rhymes.

This is my kitchen space.

The cupboards held a frying pan, a sauce pan and 
a pot just a little bit bigger.
Oh and a cookie sheet pan.

I promptly went out and bought a small crock pot!

It has taken a little imagination,
but dinners have been good.

Little mans mommy is flying in to see him for the weekend.

Happy Day
my mommys coming to stay!

We will just stay nice and cozy in our warm
little room until the weather breaks!

In the meantime I have been finding more new recipes
to try.

More fun and interesting blogs to read.

And lots of cuddle and singing time
with little man!

Stay warm!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Off on a Pipeline Adventure

Sunday morning we packed up the truck 
for the next pipelining adventure.

This little guy got to come too!

The drive wasn't to long,
just over 5 hours,
and 2 states away.

Novi, Michigan

We live 60 miles SW of Chicago

This is our happy home for the next month or so.

It is at an extended stay hotel.
Almost like a small 2 bedroom apartment.

Here is little man "helping" gramps unpack.

I think he is trying to explain to Shaggy the rules of being on the furniture!

And what a good helper he is while taking
Shaggy out to do her business.

I asked the pipeliner why they never have any pipeline jobs
where its warm?

Cause it has been frigid here!
Wind chills -25 last night!

I can see a lot of traveling in our future this coming year.

We were so lucky last year to have the pipeliner
working within 30 miles of home most of the summer.

That NEVER happens!

I am just hoping the weather warms up soon
so we can go home to get the camper.

That makes it feel more like home away from home.

I think somebody already misses her home.

But this is the motto I try to hold in my heart,

Have a great weekend


Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Trip

The pipeliner and I just returned from a wonderful vacation!

I had been saving for this trip since October of 2013!

Two weeks or rest and relaxation in the Florida Keys!

The weather was a little chilly,
but with views like this who cares!

(Mallory Square Key West)

We flew in to Miami then rented a car to drive down the Keys.

Our first stop was in Islamorada.
about in the middle of the Keys.

I found the perfect little resort to 
"Drop Anchor"

How is this for a view out your window everyday?

What a little piece of paradise!

This had to be one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed!

We left here after 4 days, 
then headed to our final destination,
Key West!

Again, another little piece of paradise.

We had great plans of snorkeling up and down the Keys
but sadly the weather was just to chilly and windy.

Our biggest form of entertainment was watching the
cruise ships come into and leave port.

Man oh man are those things massive!

If you ever go to Key West be prepared for these!

Roosters and hens roam the streets.

They sure made us laugh,
 all of the crowing going on night and day.

We spent a lot of time down by the docks.

There is nothing better then eating fresh oysters every single day!

It sure was hard leaving the sun and sand to come home to this!

Almost 2 feet of snow whipped around by snowstorm Linus!

We weren't home long though.

The pipeliner got sent to a job out of state.

At least I got all of our laundry done before we packed up the 
suitcases again!

Looking forward to catching up with all of my favorite blogs!