Friday, December 12, 2014

It Starting to Look Like Christmas

I just love blog land this time of the year!

There are so many wonderfully decorated homes.
I could sit for hours and gaze at all of the details.

The recipes for holiday appetizers, cookies and goodies!
My pinterest pages are full!

I finally got some decorations up at our house.
The first Christmas in our new home.

Actually the first time I have decorated in 2 years!

Many items came from antique shops near Arthur, Il. when we were pipelining there during Christmas season two years ago.

My first Santa collection!

The putz house was a lucky find on the bottom shelf in a back corner.

All of the bulbs and angel came from an auction dollar box.

My angel tree has lots of vintage finds.

But the best thing under my tree is this guy!

There is nothing better than viewing the season through the eyes of a child.

Thanks to all of you that share your holiday posts!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Christmas Cactus

My Christmas cactus is starting to bloom!

I really don't mind if its a few weeks early.
It just brings me great amounts of joy everytime a bud begins to form.

This Christmas cactus is extra special to me because it belonged to my grandmother.

She passed over 24 years ago!

Grandma followed all of the rules for making her cactus 
"bloom filled" for Christmas.

It was the center of attention on its own special stand during
the Christmas season.

When my grandma passed I took on the responsibility 
of caring for her prized cactus.

My treasured cactus has endured 5 moves, 3 kids picking at its leaves, one dog knocking it over and many forgotten watering's.

Today it is not as grand as it once was many years ago.

But every time it comes into blooms
 I can feel the extra special presence of my grandma.

I hope I can keep grandmas Christmas cactus blooming for
seasons to come!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Giving Hand Made or Homemade

This Christmas I have decided all the presents I give
will be home made or hand made.

If not made by me, 
then made by people who really care about their product.

Today I received a box of goodies from a lady that really produces a great product!


not only has a wonderful blog, 
but also has a wonderful line of products.

Believe me when I say I picked up each bar of soap and gave them a big sniff!

Oh the fragrances make my nose so happy!

I really think I am going to have a hard time giving them away!

After a HUGE mix up on my part with our mailing address,
I was afraid the soaps would be lost somewhere between post offices,
but they finally arrived!

Staci was even willing to reship all of my soaps at no charge, and even send me more for gifts!

Now thats one special lady to me!

I know that her and her husband are busy making products to fill all of their orders right now.

So please check back often at their store if they are out of something.

My sniffer finally decided this bar is going to be mine!

Merry Christmas to me!