Monday, March 18, 2013

Wash by hand or by machine?

My Monday mornings are usually spent picking up the house after the weekend. We aren't a messy bunch. Just that things are more relaxed on those 2 days.

But I have to admit the thing that still makes me shake my head in appreciation each Monday morning is opening up the dishwasher to a machine full of sparkley, clean dishes!

I usually hand wash the dishes during the week. There is only the 2 of us, not a lot of dishes to dirty.

But over the weekend I just put the dishes into the dishwasher after each meal. Then before we go to bed on Sunday night I add the soap and flip the switch!

When I get up Monday morning the machine is ready to unload!

Oh I have not always had the pleasure of a dishwasher!

We first had one when the son was born. It was nice for washing the never ending supply of dirty baby bottles. But it broke and was just to costly for a young couple to fix.

When we redid the kitchen they built a spot for a new dish washer to go. Again it was costly, and other things for the kids needed to be purchased.

Then the kids got a little older and could help with washing dishes.

Those after meal sinks of suds, got us caught up with events in their lives. We solved problems at school, we discussed their newest love interests and we shared lots of laughs.

(oh and a few fights over who's turn it was to dry)

We never did install a dishwasher in that house!

My life moved on after the kids left. 

I moved to another house that has a very efficient dishwasher.

(I almost forgot how to use one!)

But it does its job very nicely after a busy, running around weekend.

I can still be found most nights at the kitchen sink, washing up the daily dirty dishes.

So I ask,
are you a daily, dirty dish hand washer
do you let the machine do its job?



  1. Even though there are only two of us, I use the dishwasher through the week. I am super-guilty of dirtying too many dishes (probably because I know I can throw them in the dishwasher). I avoid hand washing any dish if possible. :)

  2. I wish I had a machine to do the job. :-) I sold my home and am renting now so no dishwasher except me.

  3. I do a little of both cause it's just me. I didn't have a dishwasher for years and years and of course we grew up doing dishes by hand for a family of ten. I've often wondered which method uses less water. Do you know?

  4. You know...we do both! I feel like we have so many dishes that sometimes I load them up and wash the rest that won't fit by hand! You have a great is snowing AGAIN here today!!! EKKKK where is spring????

  5. I wash dishes by hand. We had a dishwasher that gave up and I just didn't want another one. And I have a beautiful view of the lake out back from the window above the sink.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. I let the dishwasher do the work for me. Welll most of the time that is. There are sometimes when the dishwasher is full or I'm baking and some of the dishes will go into the dishwasher and some I'll do while I'm standing there cooking.

  7. Mostly I use the dishwasher and I love that.

  8. Growing up we hand washed them all until we moved. The house came with a dishwasher, but as kids, we all had jobs (load, unload, etc). Pots and pans were never put in the dishwasher. When I bought my first house - dishwasher. Then we moved - dishwasher. And moved again....dishwasher....then it broke. We washed by hand for a long time, but with 7 here, we ended up replacing the dishwasher. Anything big, or not dishwasher safe, is always washed by hand.

  9. I usually use the dishwasher but if I have company for good conversation while washing or a good window for bird watching, I like to handwash. :) Thanks for the sweet thoughts.

  10. Hand wash. Don't even own a dish washer.
    Our house before this one had a dishwasher...but I seldom used it.
    Never had one growing I guess, I'm just used to NOT having one. Don't even want one.