Monday, August 18, 2014

My favorite time of year!

It is getting to be my favorite time of the year.

Which is fair time!

We are lucky to live close to one of the best annual county fairs in Illinois.

A lot of people, myself included, think its better than the state fair.

If you have ever been to a fair you know the atmosphere itself is fun.

Just the sounds and smells make me excited the minute I get there.

But the fun for me has to be all of the things you can enter.

I caught the excitement of entering over 10 years ago,
when I had a massive sunflower that I thought was a fair winner.

I have been entering ever since!

This is a few of things that I entered 2 years ago.

The canning competition is fierce!

I have never received a blue ribbon in this division,..... yet!

I am usually just happy to win  a ribbon considering
all of the entries!

The walls are lined with canned goods.
The display cabinets hold the baked goods.

The baking competition is just as competitive!

Placed 2nd for my chocolate crinkles!

And a 2nd on the blueberry bread.

It takes for ever to sort all of the veggies that look like they could be fair worthy. 

I did receive a first for my purple peppers!

My mom enters a lot of pieces in the crocheting category.

She is extremely talented at this,
and has received many blue ribbons.
Including a few best of show!

There are so many talented people that enter quilts, knitted items, and cross stitched pictures.

I could spend all day inside this building just browsing!

Right now I am pouring over the premium book
that lists all of the different categories you can enter.

Last year we were on the road pipelining and I didn't get to enter anything.

This year as I make out my list

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be around for the fair!

If we are,
I am going to be a busy girl getting all of my things baked, sorted and ready to be judged.

And I love every minute of it!

Do you get fair excitement?
Do you enter anything at your local fair?

I would love to hear your fair experiences!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Days

I can hardly believe the calender says we are
headed into the second week of August!

Summer always seems to fly by.

This past month we have been dealing with
a serious health problem for my dad.

He has melanoma.

Recently the Dr.s visits have been in the city.

None of us enjoys driving to Chicago,
so we have had several train rides back and forth.

Last week he was hospitalized in the city for a few days.

At least we had a great view from his room!

Things are looking good for my dad at this point!

But it will be a few more trips back into the city for follow up visits.

While we were staying in Chicago,
my chicken coop got delivered.

I have the best hubby for making all of this possible
while I was gone!

This week will be spent catching up with all of the garden stuff!

I canned 8 pints of green beans yesterday.

This is just the beginning of the green peppers!

The tomatoes are coming on slow.
But the vines are loaded.

My zinnias have out done themselves this year!

I cut two big buckets full yesterday morning.

They make me smile while I sit on the porch and enjoy them.

We still have a few more projects left to complete
this summer.

And yes I am still hoping we can sit back to relax
come fall!