Monday, March 26, 2012

Burn baby burn!

One of the biggest eyesores at the farm was an old, blown-down corn crib.
The weeds around it were over my head.
We weren't sure what kind of rodents might reside in the structure. As we cleaned out the inside of the farm house, most of the junk got thrown onto the crib.
I knew my hubby was anxious to set the thing a blaze.
On a rainy, dreary Monday the pipeliner called to tell me they had been rained out from work. Meet him at the farm, he was ready to start the fire.

I found him with his rain suit on, and the fire had been started!

In a matter of minutes the whole structure was up in flames.  It was kinda of eery listening to the crackle of the wood and fire spreading.

The fire over took the barn in a matter minutes. Nothing but a burning pile of wood.

This is what was left after just 15 minutes.
Glad that the eyesore is gone and we can move on to ther project around the farm!