Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye March

Its hard to believe we have said goodbye to another month!

I think lots of us would like to forget about March, and all of the snow it brought to us.

I know I am ready to start digging in the dirt. But the dirt around here is still frozen!

So I just keep jotting things down in my garden journal.

When I turned to my page of things to do for the first week of April, this piece of paper greeted me!

The homesteading conference I had signed up for a few months ago.

It is an all day event at our local community college.
Deborah Niemann is the instructor. She has a great book I fell in love with a few years back.

I had stumbled across her blog somewhere. Then found her book through that. Her blog is called

She has shared some great stories from her journey to the farm. Some will make you laugh and a few have made me cry. But I have been intriuged by all of them.

She inspires me to strive for this kind of life when we finally move to the farm.

I am so excited for this Saturday!

To sit, listen and learn about some new ways of life. To interact with others who want to do things a little different. And to bring home new and exciting ideas to use on the farm.

With gardening out of the question for this coming week, I might have to work on  designing a new journal. I am sure I will have lots of ideas to put in it after attending my first homesteading class!



  1. OH!!!! This sounds like such fun Liz!!! I love opportunities like this! Please share with us what you learn from this event! It sounds so interesting! I will jump over and check out her blog! Have a lovely week!

  2. The homesteading class sounds very interesting.

    Someday we will be complaining when the weather changes overnight from cold to hot. Typical Illinois weather.

  3. I'm ready for it to warm up too. Hope you have a great time at your class on Saturday. If you make a new journal, hope you show us.

  4. Hope you'll write about the class - sounds so inspiring and uplifting. What an interesting life you lead! I've been urging hubby to buy a motor home for months so that we can travel the country (with the pooches, or course!) and enjoy the freedom of the open road. -- Jan

  5. I can't wait to hear about the conference. Some friends of mine had an opportunity to visit Joel Salatin's Polyface farm, and came away so amazed and motivated.

  6. I think I have borrowed that book from the library before. Sounds fun!