Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Is Mud a Sign of Spring?

We have enjoyed a couple of days filled with sunshine and mild temperatures.
Well mid 40's is mild for February in our area.

The snow is almost all melted except for a few spots left in the ditches.

The landscape is covered in that dull, dead brown.

With a mix of black mud!

The farm truck is surrounded by it!

Lots of muddy tracks in the drive way.

Even the path to the chicken coop is a challenge.
I am running out of spots to tip toe on trying to stay out of the muck.

Now I know why the room coming in the back door is called the

A never ending job of scrubbing puppy prints!

I did manage to scrub some of the boots off today.

But as I took a walk around the yard yesterday, 
I did find a little happiness mixed in with the mud.

The first signs of spring!

As a girl that has grown up in the mid west I have learned to just deal with the mud.

It comes every year!
And right before spring.
So maybe just maybe it could be a sign of spring.

That is what I am choosing to believe!



  1. Oh let's hope! The bulb coming up is a good sign! Sure would be nice to have an early spring this year.

    1. We are supposed to have 60's this weekend! Yippee!

  2. Replies
    1. I keep reminding myself everything time I step into a big mud hole!lol

  3. things are greening up here, and I have a rhubarb up, so now we need to get some of the backyard replanted into big pots for the move to the peninsula. I am soooo looking forward to getting this next leg of the journey completed!

    1. Oh rhubarb coming up sounds so wonderful! Lots of fun things getting ready to happen for you!

  4. Yup . . .
    Mud is spring for sure . . .
    Except . . . we are in a snowstorm . . .

    1. Isn't that crazy we never got a flake! The pipeliner is working in northern Indiana they got over a foot!

  5. Well of course mud is the first sign of spring! It's nice to see that even after all your snow there is that tiny sprout coming up already. I saw a robin today ... first one this spring for me! Nothing green in the mud gardens yet though (maybe tomorrow as it's warming up to 10C).