Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

April showers bring May flowers!

To celebrate the first day of May it was always a tradition to hang a May Day basket on your beloveds door.

I remember back in grade school hanging a May Day basket on the door of a boy who was my latest school girl crush.

I would ring the door bell and run!
 The boy then was supposed to run out the door and catch you for a quick kiss on the cheek.

Oh the innocence of childhood!

My grandmas house was the meeting place where my girlfriends and I planned out our May Day basket hangings.

She had big bowls of popcorn to fill our homemade baskets with.

Grandma always made sure we had a May Day basket to take home to our mothers.
Those were filled with sprigs of fragrant, purple lilacs snipped from grandmas backyard.
Sometimes if her tulips were in bloom she would let us add a few of those into the bouquet.

I just wonder if children today still know about this special day.

Twenty five years ago today I had an extra special 
May Day.

The birth of my daughter.

She is the mom to my favorite little guy.

My grandma had a May Day basket sent to the hospital to 
mark the special occasion.

I always loved May Day,
but now it has even more meaning to it.

On this special day I am sending you all
May Day basket!

Happy May Day!



  1. I remember doing this too - not to a boy, but to the neighbors. We used to run away so fast!

    1. We always left a basket at the door of the old ladies on the corner! They gave out the best treats at Halloween and Christmas. Grandma told us to keep them happy! lol..

  2. Thank you for the basket! I don't remember this but then at that time of year I was in Chicago with my parents. In the summer I was in the country and I bet my cousins partook. Happy Birthday to your daughter and my oldest son's birthday is May 3 but he's 46 or 47 (I can't remember because I can't remember if I'm 67 or 68) this birthday! It's a real challenge getting old!

    1. Ha ha! I always have to stop think how old am I? This years easy, the big five o!

  3. What a sweet post Liz. We learned about May Day in school too, but I wonder if they still teach it to the little ones. Such a nice tradition you have established. My May Day ended with elementary school unfortunately. Maybe I should start a new tradition and extend it to others I work with next year. That would be so fun.

    1. At church on Sunday, our minister held up a May Day basket during the children sermon, nobody knew what it was, so I don't think they still teach it. My grandson is 3 I think I will pass the tradition down to him.