Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ready for Spring

I know I am!

This morning its brutal out!
Wind chills in the -10 to -20 range.

4- 6 inches of snow expected for tomorrow!


But one of the biggest reasons I am ready for spring?

The seeds are here!

I know you have to order your vegetable and flower seeds early.

The new varieties and top sellers tend to sell out quickly.

But it sure is hard to open that box, look over each seed packet thoroughly and then imagine every plant growing gloriously in the garden,
only to look out my window to this

At least the sun is shining!

I know spring is right around the corner!

At least that's what Puxatony Phil said!

Until then I will wait patiently (or at least try) visualizing my field filled with summer flowers!

Stay warm!



  1. -18 here this am as I sit here writing this comment it is -11. Snow coming here tomorrow too. We are only getting light to dusting. I am so ready for spring!

  2. It's been cold here too. I think I have all my seeds, expect a few new herbs. You are right, the best sell out quickly.

    1. I need a few more veggies seeds than I am done! Lets hope our gardens do much better this year!

  3. Replies
    1. We haven't had a bad winter, but it just feels like its dragging on to long! lol...

  4. It's been pretty nice here in the South and I've even had the windows open a few times but I want time to slow down so I can get moved this next summer and now I have a leak on my porch so I have to get that fixed before the bank can come and inspect so I can get a bridge loan so I can buy the house up north. I know that was way more than you wanted to know but that is why I am not looking forward to Spring...just yet! LOL!