Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pinterest in my pantry

With winter still lingering on, 
and most days looking like this

I am trying to find things around the house that need my attention.
Because lets face it once it gets nice outside things inside tend to get a bit neglected.

One such spot is the cabinet above my fridge.

I open it up quite frequently to grab a cookbook out.
You know, the one or two books that holds that recipe we tend to use quite frequently.

Lately though I have become quite disgusted with myself for not grabbing more recipes out of that cupboard to try.

After all I have binders and notebooks full of recipes I had copied to try out at a later date.

Oh I am sure some did get prepared for the dinner table at one time or another.

But really how many unmade recipes sit in that spot just waiting to be rediscovered?

These little recipe card boxes are full too!

A couple of boxes were purchased at auctions 
already full of recipes from seasoned cooks!

The others have been filled up with recipes shared by friends, family members or from somewhere I had been. 
You know, that recipe you just had to have!

Then there are all of my church cookbooks.
These are just a few!

How many tried a true recipes from church potlucks fill these treasured books?

This must have been a good recipe!

I am still hanging onto it since 1999!
(It is actually a recipe I use at about every holiday dinner)

I posted this back in 2012 about the recipe scraps I had inherited from my grandmothers recipe files
The ones she just scribbled down on any handy pieces of paper or napkins!

Sadly since the invention of pinterest most of these recipes have just sat up in the cupboard tucked away.

It is so easy just to sit down at your computer and scroll through picture upon picture of scrumptious looking dishes.

Pin them onto your pinterest board and bam you have your own
virtual on-line cookbook!

Don't get me wrong I love my pinterest recipes.
They have saved me on many of those whats for supper nights.

But what to do with my cabinet FULL of delicious recipes waiting to be made?

I have decided to start the process of going through all of my loose paper recipes.
(It will probably take me until summer!)

And look

I already have a meal plan for the rest of the week!

And the next week!
and the next 
and the next......!

What did I get myself into!



  1. Something I should do, maybe once moved.....

    1. We have moved twice and I keep dragging the mess along with me! lol

  2. Liz, I keep about 5 new recipes on a clip too. When they are tried, I move 5 more in the clip. I try not to keep any more though. Although it is hard.

    1. That is such a good idea! I usually pick out my "menu" Sunday. I go through and check all of the ingredients I have on hand then make my grocery list accordingly.

  3. I love the old card boxes full of hand written recipes from the wonderful cooks before us! I can't part with them either. Yes, I need to dig them out too and make some of them.

    1. I know! One box even had lists of Johns favorite cookies for Christmas. Or written on the recipe Jane liked this Joe didn't. Very fun looking through them all.

  4. Ha! This is one are that I tried to declutter recently, but it got sidetracked for something else. I did get through all the loose recipes, and got rid of the ones I was sure I would never make for lack of special ingredients or lack of proper pans. But I still have to decide on the ones I kept as they are in a large box all getting mixed up now. Recipes from our parents and grandparents are real treasures, and I think we should respect them as much as photographs of our long-gone family members. Good luck with tackling this cupboard and finding some really good recipes to hang onto :)

    1. I found myself getting rid of those recipes that had the special ingredients in. We live out in the sticks, and would never be able to find those! I agree about the passed down recipes! A treasure for sure!

  5. Your picture of the recipe scraps made me smile. I came here through the Maple Hill Farm hop and really enjoyed looking at your posts. I am eager for spring, too!


    1. Thanks for stopping in! I am heading over to your blog for a visit too!

  6. Oops. I forgot to mention that I treasure my own grandma recipe scraps. There's something about her handwriting and special dishes that takes me back to being a child in her kitchen!

    1. My grandmother had so many handwritten recipes. I am not sure where all of them went to, but I sure treasure the ones that were passed down to me!

  7. My mother was a career person so she was not "into" cooking much so I pretty much had to learn on my own but my MIL was a great cook and it motivated me because I realized how good food could be! LOL! Don't get me wrong, my mother was my role model and very strong and independent but you would not say she was a great cook! LOL! When she retired though she loved cooking and experimenting and she would make great homemade bread and her lasagna was the best but by then I was gone and raising my own children so I never got to enjoy if very often as she lived far away.
    I need to go through old recipes and cookbooks too. I've found on Pinterest that some of those recipes that look so good do not taste that great so I stick with AllRecipes.com that has ratings and if I do try a new recipe I pin it on my "foods I have tried and actually liked" board. I too have lots of recipes. I could live 3 lifetimes and never have time to try them all! Want some? LOL!

    1. My mom was the same way! She is a really great cook now. I learned to cook from my grandmother. You are right I could live 3 lifetime too and never make them all!