Saturday, April 13, 2013

How the Homesteading conference went

I can hardly believe it has been a week since I attended my Homesteading conference.
We were all handed these binders when we checked in.
There was fresh fruit and an egg caserole to snack on while we waited for the ladies to start speaking.
Plus the tough decision on which class you would like to attend. They had 2 classes at the same time.
I think the schedule was a little goofed up on paper.
But I stuck with Deborahs classes. I have been following her blog, plus I was impressed with her book and knowledge of homesteading.
I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the classes. Yes, I did learn a lot. However I was looking for more information on rasing goats. She spoke more about using the milk from them. The different things you can make, soap, a variety of cheeses, and butters.
The poultry class was kind of the same way. I wanted to learn how to make a great chicken coop. What things have worked for her and what didn't.
Some of the other ladies at lunchtime commented on the same things that I thought.
At the end of the day both ladies, Deborah and Cathy did a question and answer segment that was very interesting.
Cathy gave us her blog address.

Cathy has a great you pick flower farm in Western Iowa.

I can see a road trip coming this summer!

She really has my mind going of things that I would like to try at our farm.

The conference was good all around. Not as great as I hoped. And I really hate to admit that.

I guess I will be doing a lot more reading about goats and chickens before I feel ready to take them on.

Somday tho...




  1. I want to make a great chicken coop too! I' always browsing all of the chicken blogs!!

    1. Staci's blog at Life At Cobble Hill Farm has great information on chicken coops. She will be my go to when we decide to build.

  2. It sounds very interesting.

    Would you consider removing word verification from your blog? It is very difficult for us old gals with trifocals. It takes me several attempts before I get it right. Thanks! :-)

    1. Thanks for pointing that out to me! It has been turned off! Let me know if it shows up again.

  3. Liz, there a a lot of great books about raising goats and chickens.
    If you know someone local that raised them it helps. People usually like sharing what they know about raising livestock.
    Good Luck!

  4. I hope you enjoy your chickens and goats when you get them. My brother and his family raised chickens for a couple of years, but I understand they just got rid of them. There life has become too busy for them to continue with them.

  5. Hey you! I wish it would have been more beneficial for you...I hope that as you go it will all fall into place for you. I have no doubt that you will be just fine with taking care of your goats and chickens. Sometimes it's best to just jump in feet first!!! Keep us posted!!! And I hope you have a great was snowing again here this morning!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have been browsing around yours and really enjoy it! :)
    That piece of property is lovely but what a mess the house is! Yikes!! Too bad the conference didn't quite live up to your expectations. They don't even have things like that around here. I learned about my chickens and goats from books and the internet and now I wouldn't want to be without them.