Monday, April 8, 2013

Look for the potential!

The pipeliner and I had a nice 2 day get-away at the farm. It gets harder and harder to leave after the weekend is over.
The ride from our house to the farm is about 25 miles. We usually try to take a different route each time, you know check out the scenery.
But we usually end up driving by this piece of property that really isn't far from the farmhouse. It had a for sale sign on the fence for awhile, then it disappeared.
The pipeliner decided to do some checking on it recently. It was still for sale and the price has been reduced.
This weekend we decided to meet our realtor there. Have a little look -see.
The listing brochure describes it as 8.2 acres bordered by a creek and trees.

Many fruit trees to entice deer and other wildlife.
There is an old mobile home and garage positioned in the center of the land.
That was all fine until we walked up and looked in the windows.

Oh Boy!!
This is just the front porch!
The rest of the trailer is full of furniture and other things!
( probably lots of wildlife!)
The garage was cluttered with old lawn tractors.
Our realtor kept saying "oh my goodness!"
The place has been vacant for quite awhile.
One thing they forgot to add in the listing was the in ground swimming pool.
The property is beautiful!
It has a lot of potential.
But now we know why the piece of land has been on the market for so long.
It needs a lot of work!
We have some thinking and phones calls to make before we make a decision if this is a project we would like to take on.
And what a project it would be!






  1. That does look like a lot of work. But with more and more people wanting to go green and have space for their own gardens... it really does look like it has potential.

  2. That's a lot of nice open space!!

  3. First a major cleanup and then I see the potential. Something for a couple with a lot of energy. ;-)

  4. I have always wanted an inground swimming pool ;)
    The land does look nice! Good Luck with everything!

  5. I can see the potential too! The land is just out of this world! Oh what I would do to have some more land! Good luck with your decision!!!

  6. The property is pretty minus the buildings and pool. It would be a fun adventure if you took it on.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. That is a lot of work looking at you. If you take it on, you will make it loverly and all the blog post you will have makes me smile.

  8. Your picture shows a beautiful view, but lots of work in the other pictures. I wish you well on your decision making.

  9. Wow! is right!
    The Honey and I talk up ideas about finding a prime piece of land ...even with a run down mobile on it...
    we have land now, with a house and MORTGAGE...we just want out of the debt! But would love to continue living the lifestyle we have now (debt free)

    best of luck in your continued ventures. :)