Monday, October 26, 2015

Road Trip

Last Friday I rode with the pipeliner to check out the
next project on his work schedule.

The ride was 4 1/2 hours south, 
actually another state away.

The drive down was so pretty with all of the fall colors!

We spent a little bit of time checking out the town closest to
where the pipeliner and his crew will be staying.

You know its important to know where all the good places to eat are!

Then we met with the gas inspector at the proposed job site.
He had a buddy with him.

This little guy was a rescue dog.
You would be surprised how many guys on the pipeline
travel with a fur companion.

The area around us was pretty rural.

They are widening the highway nearby so gas lines have to be moved.
This house is in the way, which means the gas company bought it and it will be torn down.
The lady has until November 1st to vacate.

The pipeliner has always hated this part of his job!

But this lady had a very tragic accident happen here a few years ago. 
I prayed this move could be a blessing for her and a new start.

A little farther down the road close to the right away was a 
very, very old cemetery.

Most headstones dated back to the late 1800's!

Of course this sacred ground will go untouched!

The guys discussed a few more job related issues,
then we were on the road back home.

That was a heck off a long road trip for sure!

Sadly I wont get to accompany the pipeliner on this job.
The campgrounds nearby are closed for the season.
It would just be to hard to handle the grandson plus 2 dogs in a hotel room for a couple of months!

The camper made it home last week after the last job wrapped up.

Now comes the fun task of cleaning it out.
Then back into the shed it will go for the winter.

Who knows what kind of adventure it might go to next spring.
There is always another road trip to find out!



  1. cool cemetary, sorry for the old lady - but, hopefully a blessing for her.

    1. The cemetery was really interesting. Just stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I love your pictures, especially the first one. Such beautiful fall colors.

    Hopefully the lady will be blessed in her move.

    Have fun cleaning the camper. And I hope you enjoy your time at home.

    1. Glad to be home for awhile! Even if it means cleaning the camper and my poor neglected house!

  3. I enjoy visiting old cemeteries.
    Have you ever done wax rubbings of the designs and dates?

    1. I have always enjoyed the really old cemeteries. I have never tried that! But this place would be really interesting to try. Lots of ornate designs!

  4. We have issues in our area too, but mostly farmer's who don't want the pipeline to go through their fields. Looks like you had an interesting trip though.

    1. I sure can agree with those farmers. My hubbys job is usually testing and replacing existing pipe. Sad when you infringe on peoples property.