Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another Project

If this summer wasn't hectic enough,
traveling between home and the camper,
the pipeliner and I took on another project.

We bought this sad little house in a town close by.

It sat on a double lot near the edge town.
 It had actually become an eyesore to the neighborhood.

The inside had seen better days too.

We were pretty sure a squatter had taken up residency.

There was only one thing we could do.

Early one Friday morning it became a pile of rubble.

Kind of sad.

You always wonder what stories those walls could tell.

There was not much salvageable inside or out.

The pipeliner told me to leave these for the demolition guy.

But he wasn't home so into the back of my truck they went.
(along with a few other things..)

An afternoon with a scrub brush and bucket of cleaner did them a world of wonders!

Boy oh boy were they dirty!

A few coats of apple red paint, a couple quilts from the last auction and some comfy pillows.

The perfect spot to sit and take in the views from our front porch.

Our little lot in town sure has taken on a better view to!

At least I think so!



  1. Love those chairs. So very pretty.

    1. Thank you! They turned out better than I expected!

  2. I like them - good job. Yes, the view is much nicer. You have nice

    1. The hubby was surprised how nice they turned out! Ha ha on the legs!!

  3. The chairs turned out great! What shall you do with the lot?

    1. We haven't decided yet. Maybe build a house to sell or retire to town someday.

  4. Love saving old things :) Great looking chairs!

    1. Sadly there was just not a lot to save from this house. Happy with the chairs though!

  5. Too bad the old place had to be torn down, but it did look worn out! The chairs were a great save, and look so nice with the fresh paint and quilts. I'll bet your husband won't doubt you again ;)