Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Season has Ended

Friday night our growing season came to an end.

We received our first frost and freeze all on the same night!

Zapped it all!

Not that the garden did well to begin with.

I did get one more bouquet picked before the end.

Today I emptied and pulled the remaining flower beds.

A wheel barrel full ready for the compost pile.

I can't say I am sad for the season to be over.

This summer was a LONG one!

Spending time between the camper and home was getting hard.

I  tried to make a trip to see the pipeliner at least a couple of days a week.
Somebody had to do his laundry!

The grandson loved to tag along to see his grandpa.
The beach was the highlight of each trip.

And there is always ice pops in grandmas camper freezer.

Of course there were things to take care of back at home.

I am lucky to have a neighbor lady down the road who took care of my chickens.
Her pay was in eggs!

I had to take care of all the yard work with the hubby gone most of the time.

Well I did have some help!

We watched the new pup Red, go from this little guy

(second day we had him, first trip to the camper!)

to this big bump!

He really adapted to camper life pretty easy.

We still haven't got the camper moved home and cleaned out yet.
Hopefully next weekend!

But I am done with camper season,
ready to settle at home for awhile.

The only reminder of summer is baseball
and the Cubs!

That part of summer I am still holding on to!

Go Cubbies!


  1. Red is adorable and so is your grandson. I can't believe how big your grandson is getting.

    1. Thankyou!!I know he is growing so fast! But really talking up a storm. We laugh at all of the things he comes up with!

  2. Frost here in Michigan too . . .
    I too am trimming things back, cleaning things up.
    Your grandson is adorable .
    I love your cuddly BIG PUP . . .

    1. It has been so warm, sure wasn't ready for frost! Thanks, we love both those little ones!

  3. We had frost this week too.
    I am sad the season is over :(

    1. My garden was terrible this year. Not sad to see it go, but will miss all of the flowers!

  4. I've been watching the weather and I'll pick all of my blooms before it freezes. It looks like you had a great summer with your grandson!

    1. I tried to pick as many as I could! He was a lot of fun this summer!!

  5. That WAS a long summer!! You got lots of canning and freezing done. That is one adorable puppy you have now. I'm finished with gardening this year too, but I only have flowers, no veggies.