Friday, April 4, 2014

My bees

Even though the last trace of snow has melted,
it still feels like winter.

We have had maybe one or two days that the temperature has risen to the 60 F. degree mark.

I have been waiting for a warm day to see how my bees survived.

When we bought the new house,
the previous owners left their bee hive for us.

I am happy to report that last weekend the bees were all over the place!

I have never been so happy to see a bee!

Tomorrow I am signed up for a Homesteading class at our local college.

My first class of the day,

Beekeeping 101!

I have been reading books, blogs and other articles about bees, but I am ready to have my questions answered about a few things.

I am still a little nervous about actually taking the lid off the top super (see, I know an actual bee keeping term, lol) and doing the first examination
 of the hive.

It sure will be an exciting adventure!

If all goes well with this hive,
we have enough supplies left in the garage to build another hive.

My afternoon class at the conference is

Soap making!

This is something I have wanted to try for a long time.
There are so many ladies out there that make the most fantastic soaps.

I would just like to give it a try too!

It sounds like another cold, dreary day tomorrow, so I am really excited about spending the day learning about things that I love!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Well have fun adn let us know how it all turns out.

  2. Sounds like 2 classes I would like too. Beekeeping and soap making are on my bucket list....unfortunately my bucket list is rather long...

  3. Have fun! My dad had bees and it was the best honey. I used to mow the yard and when I got in the area of his hives (there were 2 or 3 of them) I take a swipe by and then go mow somewhere else and then take another swipe by. I was always afraid they would get mad and I'd get stung. haha

    I've made laundry soap in the past and it does a really good job.

  4. I hope the bees make lots of honey for you. Good luck with your classes!

  5. Have a great time Liz!!! And how outstanding that you have bees!!! I look forward to hearing about your bee keeping adventures!!! A wonderful weekend to you! My fingers are crossed that warm weather will be with us soon!!! Nicole xo

  6. You just reminded me to look up classes nearby us too. I'm not taking beekeeping , but will be checking to see what they offer this year. Fun, fun, fun!

  7. This sounds like so much fun! My dad used to keep about 4 bee hives. I loved seeing the bees around our place, and it taught all of us how to stay calm in their presence too. I'll give you one tip ... never!! go near the hive or open it if there is a storm brewing. They are in a heightened state of alarm and will attack. The stuff my dad had for bee keeping was all old-fashioned and curious looking. I loved getting that fresh honey and honeycomb. I hope you enjoy the process :) Wendy x

  8. Beekeeping, eh? Good luck! I think I'd be happier making soap!

  9. What fun! I'm slowly learning about bees. I hope to have some within a year or two. They actually go great with soap making which I have already started. You can use their honey and beeswax for the soap. I'm expanding my herb garden to use herbs in my soaps and bees love herbs.

    1. I just got my first book on soapmaking! I can hardly wait to get started! I have been reading about all of the wonderful ways to use the honey. Good luck with your soap making adventure!