Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Spring time in northern Illinois always has its up and downs.

Last Monday was definitely a down!

I stood with my mouth open looking out the window as the ground became covered in white!

It was all gone by Tuesday afternoon.
Lets hope that was winters last hurrah!

By Sunday the temperatures had warmed nicely,
making Easter afternoon outside delightful.

The pipeliner spent most of the afternoon giving wagon rides.

We couldn't have had a nicer day!

Today it is back to chilly weather.

But in celebration of Earth Day, 
I planted 20 blue norway spruces.

They are just little things.

I ordered them from my local soil and water conservation district.

They hold a tree sale every year.
Of course I wish I would have ordered more.

Hopefully in 10 or so years these will be full, wind blocking, beauties.

Happy Earth Day!



  1. We plant some new evergreens every so many years here too. Those will be nice to have as a wind block, and pretty too.

  2. What a great thing to do to celebrate Earth Day :-)

  3. Yep, we're having the up and down weather too and we had snow last Monday. Hoping that was the last til next winter. Hope those grow quickly for you.

  4. Wow thats alot of trees! Happy earth day!

    1. Wish I would have ordered more! :)

  5. Happy Earth Day to you too Liz!!

  6. I like your thinking Liz! My parents planted some tiny little spruce trees years ago (smaller even than yours!) and now they are huge mature trees lining their long driveway (well, they no longer own the property, but the trees are there still). It helped keep the snow drifting across the drive. You'll be surprised how quickly they fill in when you aren't even looking! Wendy x

    1. We planted trees when the kids were little. I took pictures of them by the trees. Today those trees are at least 30 feet tall! Just wish I would have ordered more! lol...

  7. Wow-- that's a lot of trees to plant. Good luck with them! And what kid doesn't like a wagon ride??

    1. That wagon was one of the best investments!!