Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Stained -Glass Window

Did you ever see a space and just knew automatically what should go there?
That is how I felt when we first looked at this house.

I knew right away if we purchased the place what I would hang in this opening between the living room and hallway.

A very treasured piece that had been part of my life for years!

My grandmothers stained glass window!

This window was directly at the bottom of her stairs that led to the second floor.

The stairway had one of those great banisters for sliding down!

Many times I was warned to quit sliding down that railing or I would woosh right out the window!
(The warning didn't stop me!)

The window faced to the east.
Every morning the sun light poured through the colored glass.
It filled the stairway with all kinds of bright colors!

When my grandmother passed, my aunt and uncle removed the window while cleaning out her house.

I know it was a sore spot between my parents and them for years.
My uncle had it framed.
It hung in there patio window for years and years.

My aunt and uncle has since passed.
While cleaning out their house, my cousin gave it back to my dad.

Sadly my parents never really had the proper place to hang it.
It has sat in their attic for a few years.

After we bought the house,I showed them the space where I thought it would look perfect.
They couldn't have agreed more!

I brought it home.
The pipeliner hung it for me.
It sure brought tears to my eyes!

It has found its home once again!

Grandma would be so happy!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I never realized how pretty it was when I was little.

  2. Beautiful!!
    It looks great. What a wonderful piece of your childhood :)

  3. That is beautiful and a beautiful story.

  4. What a nice story. Beautiful glass and perfect spot for display! I'm for you that you have it now since you have such nice memories of it. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

    1. Thankyou! It makes me smile every morning when I walk by it.

  5. The stained glass is very beautiful, but ahhh, the history is heart warming. You made a perfect choice for that spot. Have a great day.

  6. Well, no matter that it caused a sore spot between the siblings, this window has been loved throughout. What a wonderful story and it looks beautiful in its new home. It's nice that your parents are still around to see it hanging up again. I have a few stained glass windows from old homes too (no story came with them unfortunately), and I've never had them hanging in my current house since we moved here 19 years ago ... this post has reminded of them gathering dust in our garage. Wendy x

  7. Enjoy it every day! It's a beauty!

  8. What a beautiful ending to this story friend! It looks so very beautiful there! I am so HAPPY that you have it and are able to admire it and cherish it everyday! Your home is so warm Liz! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole! Have a great weekend your self!

  9. Yes, your grandma would absolutely be delighted to see that her beautiful window has stood the test of time and that you are enjoying it. It is an amazing piece and you have chosen the perfect place to hang it!

    1. Grandma would be thrilled to know it is hanging in my house!

  10. Nice story. I think it found a good home!