Thursday, December 13, 2012

Camper Fever

Yesterday I had cabin fever. Or for me that would be camper fever! I just needed to get out and about. I remembered seeing a little, ceramic birdhouse at one of my antique shop stops. I traveled to the next town south of us to search.

I parked right across the street from this sign.

I remember my mom telling me there was a Raggedy Ann museum in this town. I should look it up. I asked the owner of the shop I stopped in. She told me it had closed up and moved to Japan. What?   Yes, most collectors of these beloved stuffed dolls reside in Japan. How crazy is that?

I didn't find my birdhouse. (Gosh, where did I see that at?)

But of course I did find some other treasures.

       Vintage cards!    5 for $1.00

A few Christmas ornaments, along with a lime pyrex.

These darling cornhusk dolls

I took pity on this cracked coffee jar. It was stuck on a back shelf with a 4 dollar price tag. It isn't cracked all the way thru. nobody will notice when it is tucked in with my others at home.

When the "pipeliner" arrived back at the camper last night, he showed me the shirt I would be getting for Christmas. Something he found off of Ebay. (he's an Ebay junky)

Funny guy, that one is!

Last thing on my happy list today, my beloved beagle turns 7 today

Happy Birthday Molly!


  1. The Raggedy Ann and Andy sign is great I've always like them I still have a Raggedy Ann. Love the vintage Christmas cards and Pyrex is always a favorite.

  2. Isn't it funny that we just stumbled upon each other here on the blogosphere and you just happen to be staying in my part of Illinois? That just cracks me up! I bet you do get camper fever. At least we have had a beautiful December to make it a little easier.My mom has that same piece of Pyrex and uses it regularly!

  3. Happy Birthday Molly! I'm enjoying your adventures and finding out more about you. Life sure is funny???

  4. I can't believe that about Raggedy Ann and Andy! (I believe you, I just can't fathom it...)
    I just bought a companion Ann to go with the Andy I purchased years ago when my kids were so small. They are bigger than the ones you find now days. I think someone made this doll...she doesn't have the heart saying "I love you" on it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week... I've had some internet and email problems and hope to be back blogging soon! (like THIS week!)