Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving at Pipeline Camp

Thanksgiving was quite different for us this year. I am sure it was quite different for most of the guys on the pipeline crew. The men all had to work the day after Thanksgiving so traveling home for the holiday was out of the question.
The ladies decided early on, we would put on a Thanksgiving dinner for all of the crew as well as the gas inspectors. We put a list together of the different dishes that would be prepared. Then on Thursday morning we would gather in the garage of the man who owns the trailer park where we are staying.

Let the decorating begin!
We never could have imagined when we started carrying the food in, just how much food was prepared for that day.
Crockpots, roasters, pans and bowls filled 3 tables. That didnt even include the dessert table.
Everyone had lots of different things to taste.
The men were truly impressed with the effort from us ladies.
Everyone enjoyed the day of fellowship, eating ,visiting and sharing a day of Thanksgiving!




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