Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Few Finds

It is hard to believe December is almost over!  Usually we have quite a bit of snow covering the ground. We received a little yesterday. Just a dusting really. But enough to cover the pond out back.

I spent yesterday unpacking the last few boxes from the camper. I found a few more purchases that had been wrapped and tucked away.

I rewrapped these and put away for Christmas next year.

My turkeys and the leaves got stored away along with the other fall items I had out. The pink pyrex went with my other pinks I have in the dining room.

This lady caught my eye the minute I walked into one of my favorite shops.

I kept going back and forth if I should buy her or not. The last day we were there, my hubby was with me. He said just buy it, or you will be mad that you didn't. So he bought it for me at 20% off!

Now I have to share some family treasures I received the other day. My aunt passed in early November after a long and fulfilled life. Her and her husband, he passed last fall, were some what of hoarders. But their hoards were of things we collectors treasure now!

My parents have been helping my cousin clean their house out. A huge 2 day auction is set for January. I just saw a partial listing on- line last night. It is something!! Need to circle those dates on the calender.

I volunteered to help my parents the other day clear some left over clutter in my aunts house. Things the auctioner didn't take, stuff that needed to go out for the trash, and little odd and ends. But I did find some things to bring home.

Just a few things.

I spent last night reading thru the cookbooks. One has detailed menus for making a nightly dinner. It even includes a before dinner cocktail to serve. I might have to test these out on the pipeliner! We will have plenty of time because:

The pipeliner is officially on vacation!

He is taking off until March!
( I will believe that when I see it)

We have lots of things planned for his time off.

A new grandbaby coming next month, means a trip to North Carolina. We have plans for a long weekend in the city. Then a week or 2 in Key West.

Plus lots of time at the farmhouse. Still many projects to finish and start out there!

I am sure the 2 months of having him home will pass fast! But I am thrilled to finally spend some much needed time with him!



  1. Those were some wonderful treasures left behind ...lucky you! That is wonderful that you and your husband will have time together...that is a great way to start off the New Year!

  2. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cookies and candy cookbook at the bottom of your pile. We had that one when I was a kid and we baked from it ALL the time. I have a newer version of the cookbook now (my sister has the original one) and I still use it every year. The Apple Orange brownies are one of my most favorite recipes in the entire world.

  3. Looks like you found some great finds! Have a nice time on vacation!

  4. Hi Liz,

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  5. How fun to unpack your finds - almost like shopping again! I have that same little measuring spoon holder, and bought a Tom Turkey shaker just like yours before Thanksgiving (minus the hen, unfortunately.)

    Happy New Year, and enjoy your vacation!