Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santas 5k Dash

I have found the best way to handle the time you spend away from home, while traveling with the pipeliner, is to take advantage of the area around you. There are always different places to see. And different things to do.
I had read in the local paper right after we arrived, the town was holding a 5k run in December. It was called the Santa 5k dash. I thought what the heck, I think I will sign up. If I don't do it, at least I will get a t-shirt out of it.
Saturday December 1 rolled around in no time. My friend Maria, that I have met while being here, decided she was going to enter as well.
It was a chilly, foggy morning. Perfect for a 5k.
I was going to run the race when I registered, but Maria had signed up to walk. So I decided to walk with her.
We had a lot of people ahead of us when the runners gun went off.
Most of the crowd was running the course. We quickly fell to the end of the pack.
Maria's nose ran, my eyes watered, but we held up a steady pace. As we rounded the last street we could see some of the runners already getting in there cars to leave.
The traffic was starting to flow again. No road blocks for these stragglers!
Even Santa came back to check on us.
We made it to the end. Out of 80 entries we finished 72, and 73! A few people were still behind us.
Santa was waiting with the "younger" crowd.
Official time  45:30:3
I sure didn't feel guilty when I went to the Amish Bakery later in the day. I brought home this yummy treat for a job well done!


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