Thursday, June 23, 2016

It is berry pickin season!

One of my favorite times of the year is upon us now!

Strawberry pickin season!

It is a short season thats for sure!

We are very lucky to have a u-pick berry patch close to our house.

This is actually a picture from last year.
The day we went to pick this year was quite different.
We had a huge amount of rain over the weekend and things were quite soggy.
Actually when I called to see if we could come to pick,
they said yes but bring your mudders.

We even had to be driven out to the patch in a gator.
To many deep puddles to walk through.

Some rows the water was so deep it above the grandsons rainboots.
But like I said the season is so short,
and lots of rain makes the berries mushy fast.

We did come home with two big flats full of juicy,ripe berries!

I got busy and made 20 jelly jars of jam.

A few jars a gave away to family and friends,
A few got sold at the Farmers Market.
The rest will go down in the cellar to save for our toast on weekend mornings.

I did save out a few berries to combine with rhubarb for a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie!

Our rhubarb had a very short season this year too!
I was lucky enough to find a neighbor that had extra and was willing to share.

Someday I hope to have a big enough strawberry patch to keep my berry stash full all winter long!



  1. YUM!! and you are like the energizer bunny..picked and canned all in the same day?? I've got a fridge and counter piled high with fresh tomatoes and I cannot find the time or the energy to get some frozen....
    thanks for your visit today!!

    1. I knew if I didn't hurry up and make jam out of them they would go bad. Tomato season is just around the corner and I will be wondering what to do with all of them too!

  2. I love strawberries and those pictures of jam and berries look so delicious! Unfortunately I've never cared for rhubarb. My mom used to make the strawberry rhubarb pie too. I much preferred just strawberry pie. Although honestly I haven't tried since I was a kid. So maybe I'd like it now. Looks delicious anyhow.

    1. I am not a big fan of rhubarb either, but the hubby loves it! I usually freeze the rhubarb before I use it, kind of takes the over tartness out of it. This pie WAS good!

  3. Good to see you again! We only got a couple berries from our plants, but they have had it rough in the move. Your pie looks great!

    1. Bummer on the berries! lol Hopefully they come around by next year.
      Its been a crazy couple of months around here!

  4. My daughter's favorite pie! No wonder you haven't been blogging with all your activities! Or else I just missed your posts. I've got you on my sidebar now so I won't miss any. Look at all that jam...good for you! I would love to live totally off the land but now a days I can barely keep my house up! LOL! Glad to see you out here in blogland again. I miss my midwest bloggers!

    1. No I haven't been blogging for awhile, trying to get back in the hang of it again! My house is a disaster area with all of the yardwork going on.