Monday, November 16, 2015

Clean eating for the dogs

With my 50th birthday approaching I decided to 
implement some much needed changes in my 

The biggest change would have to be my diet.

I have always tried to eat pretty healthy. 

Maybe a soda once a month.
 You have to have an ice cold Pepsi with a bowl of popcorn!

Fast food  rarely passes my lips.
That could be because the nearest McDonalds is almost 20 miles away!

Never did I imagine putting my dogs on the same clean eating plan as I have put myself on!

But that is what happened after our little yorkie poo suffered an injury to her hind leg.

She had put on a lot of weight after we lost our beagle.
Poor thing was so depressed.

Another reason we got the new lab.

Our vet said she was to old to undergo surgery for treatment.

The best solution would be for her to lose some weight.

I turned to the internet for some recipes ideas for making my own
dog food.

I knew the dog food I had been feeding her was just making her fatter!

The best choice of feed came from the lady we bought Red from.

I put 6-8 chicken thigh/leg quarters in the crockpot.
Turn the cooker on high for 7-8 hours, 
switch it to low for another 4 or 5 hours.

The meat should fall off the bones. 
Most of the bones should crumble away to nothing.
 I add in a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen carrots.
I let this sit for a half hour or so.

Then I use an ice cream scoop to scoop it into muffin tins.
Into the freezer for an hour or so. 
Just until its solid.

I put the frozen meals into a gallon freezer bag, 
and back into the freezer.

Every morning I pop two out and microwave for a minute or so.

Shaggy gets a few bites of Reds venison food mixed in with a dollop of greek yogurt on top.

This is Reds bowl.

They each get a fried egg late in the afternoon for supper.

(Red gets another bowl full for supper)

Shaggy is almost down to her ideal weight.
Only a pound or two to go!

She had such an issue with bad breath before,
now its completely gone!

It makes me wonder if I had been doing this all along
would the beagle lasted longer than her 8 short years?

I have read all the horror stories lately on Beniful
the product we fed her and Shaggy most of their lives.

I take the time to check the labels of the food I buy for my family,
but I certainly never thought about it for the dogs.

That will never be an issue again!

Clean eating will be permanent way of life in this house.



  1. This is interesting, we need to make changes with our dog's eating too...she is a bit on the chubby side...and has bad breath...thanks for the post

    1. Shaggy seems like a new dog after about a month on this plan!

  2. Great info . . .
    Our Snickers has been having "issues!"
    I keep saying it is food related . . .
    You have me convinced . . .
    Now I am on a mission!

    1. I hope that a diet change will resolve your Snickers issues. We sure want the best for our fur babies!

  3. I make our dog food too. I rotate it so I don't freeze it. This week he gets beef/barley and peas. Next time he'll get oatmeal/chicken/carrots. Now I'm looking for homemade cat food recipes too.

  4. Wow, I am glad your dog is losing the extra weight. It is so hard to lose a pet and have the lingering what ifs. I never would have thought to make our own pet food but it is a really good idea. I hope your holiday is off to a good start, Liz.

    1. Thanks! Starting to get the decorating bug!