Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Ends

I know I am like every other gardener out there.
This is the time of the year that we reap our rewards.

Boy oh boy does it keep us busy!

I am extremely pleased how well our first year garden turned out.
The soil wasn't the best.
But the harvest has been wonderful!

This is just the first picking!

I am canning pizza sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce and spaghetti sauce.

I hope that uses up all of the tomatoes!

I did a couple of batches of Candied Jalapenos

Oh are they good!

We have froze sweet corn and quite a few bags of green peppers.

I still have quite a few peppers to dehydrate.

This has got to be the best chocolate zucchini cake
recipe I have ever tried!

What a great treat for all of the hours working over a hot stove!

Of course there have been other things happening around our place.

We got the chicken house all painted and ready to go!

I am hoping by next week we will have our first little flock out clucking around.

Last night we pulled out first batch of honey from the hive!

Every frame was dripping with the sweet stuff.

Friday night we will begin the process of extracting.

I am still reading up on how to render my cappings for beeswax.

We did enjoy a little break from all of the goings on at home.

The pipeliner and I took a long weekend in the city to celebrate out birthdays.

Whats a little rain delay?
Even more time to sit back and relax.

We enjoyed the last official weekend of summer taking little man to our local towns Labor Day parade.

It is so hard to believe that this summer is almost over.

I am very thankful that the pipeliners jobs were all located with in 20 miles of our house.
No traveling for us.
That never happens!

We got to spend our first summer at our new house,
making it into our special home.



  1. All your garden items look delicious! I've never heard of candied jalapenos...interesting. My dad and mom used to have bees. Delicious honey!!

    Your grandson is adorable!!

    1. Thanks! The jalapenos are really good with whipped cream cheese on crackers. So excited to taste our first honey harvest. We love our little man!

  2. So glad you were able to stay home and enjoy your beautiful garden!!! Your tomatoes look awesome and are you kidding me with that cake!!!!! I must check it out! And the chicken house is a dream! Your little man is always adorable!! Lovely weekend to ya pal! Nicole xo

    1. I can't remember a summer we have got to spend at home. It was really nice! I can't wait to get my chickens. Enjoy one of the last weekends of summer!

  3. Nice garden . . . and chocolate zuchinni cake look very tempting!

    1. Thankyou! That cake was the best! Even the hubby liked it!

  4. We too have had a good harvest of tomatoes. If I get more, I will probably make more pizza sauce and ketchup. Today I canned corn cob syrup. I'm canning again tomorrow.

    1. You have the best canning recipes! Make sure you post the corn cob syrup!

  5. Wow Liz! I'm impressed, your garden is amazing! I remember those days of picking and canning...I haven't had time to do that in years! It brings back so many memories, my mother and grandparents would can every year. I can see you've been really busy this summer...everything is looking great!

    1. Thank you! After last years bad winter, getting snowed in every other week, I decided to stock up! So thankful my garden produced lots of veggies this year.

  6. I'm glad you got to stay home a bit this time. When I was in the Marines I was always at sea and hardly ever saw my wife. It's a tough way to live. But we survived it, I think our 32 wedding anniversary is this December.

    1. I am glad that when the hubby has a job out of town I can tag along too. Being separated for months at a time sure has to be tough. 32 years together sure is something to be proud of!

  7. Pizza sauce sounds so good! I am canning tomatoes right not and am considering trying some pizza sauce!
    Your harvest looks wonderful :)