Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Happy Hen House

The other day, little man and I were sitting at the table having lunch.

Grandma (me) was browsing the web.
Because really thats about the only time I can keep him contained long enough to get on my computer.

My favorite little shop had a FB post!

"Im cleaning out the back room!
Hurry, I'm in the gettin rid of it mood!"

I told Jr,
Were going for a ride in grandmas truck!

( he loves riding in gammas truck!)

This is the view when you turn down the lane to visit her store.

You just know its going to be a fun spot to shop.

Then I was greeted by all of this stuff!

Grandma was excited!!

I will show you all of my wonderful treasures!

Do you see a theme here?

Well for one the name of this great little shop is

The Happy Henhouse.

She sure has a lot more than just chicken and rooster items.

(Christmas is the most awesome time to visit!)

But I was in the chicken buying mood.

Why you ask?

Cause' this chick is getting a hen house herself!!

I am so excited!

It is getting delivered with the new garden shed
sometime next month.

Did I mention I was excited?

Time to get my chicken rearing books back out and start
reading up!



  1. Well you sure don't let the grass grow under your feet!! Lucky for you to live so close to the Hen House. Your grandson will be catching your excitement and will be looking forward to your new hen house too! Love your new finds, particularly the signs ... I can see them hanging over the hen pen doorway. Have you ever seen Tracie's chicken coop at Fishtail Cottage? Here's the link ... it's so cute :)

    Wendy x

  2. Love the view of all of the sunflowers!
    How exciting, chickens :) congrats!

  3. Looks like a really fun shop! I am really thinking hard on a couple of chickens for our garden area................

  4. That's awesome. I love all your finds too.

  5. What a great shop!! I love the sunflower lined road ... stunning!!!! Have a great day

  6. Sounds like some fun days are ahead . . . Enjoy that hen house and the residents!

  7. Oh what I would do for a hen house!!! This is just too exciting!!! And how cute is your little man...he is getting so big!!! And I would be in heaven going through those treasures! Great finds you! Keep us updated on the hen house!! Nicole xoxo

  8. Oh my, wish I lived close to this shop! Love that first rooster! He looks vintage. Yahoo, a hen house, how fun? We are in the planning stage of a garden shed. May I ask where you ordered yours from? Trying to decide whether to buy a kit or build our own.

  9. Hooray!!! So excited for you! A hen house AND wonderful treasures. :)