Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Days

I can hardly believe the calender says we are
headed into the second week of August!

Summer always seems to fly by.

This past month we have been dealing with
a serious health problem for my dad.

He has melanoma.

Recently the Dr.s visits have been in the city.

None of us enjoys driving to Chicago,
so we have had several train rides back and forth.

Last week he was hospitalized in the city for a few days.

At least we had a great view from his room!

Things are looking good for my dad at this point!

But it will be a few more trips back into the city for follow up visits.

While we were staying in Chicago,
my chicken coop got delivered.

I have the best hubby for making all of this possible
while I was gone!

This week will be spent catching up with all of the garden stuff!

I canned 8 pints of green beans yesterday.

This is just the beginning of the green peppers!

The tomatoes are coming on slow.
But the vines are loaded.

My zinnias have out done themselves this year!

I cut two big buckets full yesterday morning.

They make me smile while I sit on the porch and enjoy them.

We still have a few more projects left to complete
this summer.

And yes I am still hoping we can sit back to relax
come fall!



  1. Sorry to hear about your dad, I will be praying for him. Coop looks cute. I have garden canning/freezing to do as well. My Zinnas have been blooming like crazy too. I only had 6 plants and about 24 blooms so far.

    1. I am thinking of entering some of my zinnias in the fair this year. Thank you for the prayers!

  2. Praying your dad's treatments will all go well. That is a really cool view from his room. I guess if you gotta be in the hospital it's nice to have a great view. :)

    What beautiful flowers and I love how you have them displayed in that last picture. Are you going to make green pepper jelly with those peppers. My mom used to make it. It's delicious with cream cheese on crackers.

    Hope you find some time to rest and I hope you enjoy your new chicken coop.

    1. I usually chop and freeze my peppers. I will have to look up this recipe. Thank you for the prayers!

  3. I love how you have those zinnias displayed. Beautiful. Praying your Dad heals quickly and completely.

  4. I am with you, Summer is flying by too quickly, and needs to slow down!

    Sorry to hear about your dad!

    1. I just dread the thought of winter! lol...

  5. Best to your dad and family. Your zinnias are amazing!

  6. Hope your dad continues to do well . . .
    Your Zinnias are gorgeous . . . so vibrant . . .
    Sounds like you are going to have plenty of foods prepared to have during the winter.

    1. The flowers are just thriving this year! Yes after being snowed in quite a bit last winter, I am going to be ready for sure!

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he is better soon! Your flowers look beautiful. Love them in the crate!