Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cherry Bites

This morning a big cold front blew through!

It is almost chilly enough to throw on a pair  jeans with a sweatshirt.

Actually it was the perfect day to be weeding the garden.

I came across my first pumpkin growing on the vine.

I am so excited!

This is the first time I have had pumpkins in the garden.

When there is a little chill in the air,
it always gets me in the baking mood.

I decided to make a sweet treat for the pipeliner.

He always thinks he needs a little "snack" before bed.

This morning I had came across the last jar of cherry pie filling leftover from last year.

If you ever can any pie filling this stuff is the bomb!

It makes such a thick filling.
And it holds up even after a year!

Just Google it to find the website. They offer some great products!

I didn't want to do a pie.
Then I remembered a quick little dessert that is always a favorite.

Cherry Bites!

Last week I had made a batch of freezer crescent rolls.

If you have never tried these,
may I suggest making them as soon as possible.


Anyways, I laid out some of the dough to thaw.

When it was ready I just unrolled the dough.

Put them into a greased muffin tin.

Then added a couple of teaspoons of the cherry pie filling.

Bake them at 375 F. for 12 minutes.

Remove them from the muffin pan to cool.

I use a cup of powdered sugar plus 2 tbsp. of milk to make a frosting for drizzling over the top.

Mmmmm....I bet they will taste good tomorrow morning with a hot cup of coffee!

While waiting for the cherry bites to bake,
a package came to my door.

The material I ordered from ebay!

I am not quite sure what I want to make out of it.

But for now I added some cafe curtain rings
and made a quick window treatment.

It is hanging in the laundry room for now.

I just heard the weatherman say low 50's possibly some upper 40's
predicted for tonight.


Oh yeah,
I am definitely digging out the sweat shirt!



  1. What a sweet treat to make, these would be perfect for Valentines day. You have been busy!

    1. I will have to remember them for Valentines next year!

  2. It was a sweatshirt day here too!

    The dessert looks delicious!!
    Love your recipes!

    1. Thanks! Crazy to have a sweatshirt on in the middle of July!

  3. I know! Isn't this weather crazy!?! I took the beans out to the park and it felt like September to me! Ha! Love seeing that pumpkin on the vine friend! And are ya kidding me with these cherry bites! They look amazing!!! I need to give this a go...oh did I tell you I tried your chicken recipe with the chips and my whole family ate it right up! The hubs was very happy and has requested it again! Beautiful curtain and happy gardening to you! Nicole xoxo

    1. It sure did feel like September! I havent made that chicken recipe in awhile. Looks like that might be on the menu for this week! lol...Enjoy the rest of your week Nicole!

  4. Those look so good. Looking at the picture I see you spice set...I forgot about those you want from me. Sorry, I will figure it out. It seems I've been running from one thing to another...did I mention my daughter's bridal shower is Sat. I did wear a sweatshirt yesterday. It was 41 when I woke this a.m. Next week 90s. We are doing another field of hay, not real good drying weather, but good working weather. Have a good day.

    1. I am in no hurry. When ever you get to them is fine! :) Wow 41!? They just cut hay by us Monday. It has rained and been dewey ever since. Oh I am sure the 90's will return soon enough! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Those little morsels look delectable!!!!

  6. Love this idea with the cherry bites!! I need to try this, I'm sure they'd be gone in a flash. The little pumpkin is so cute. We're a bit chilly here in Ontario too, and then out west they're having a heat wave! Such a cool breeze blowing through the house this morning, and we're planning on heading down to the lake for a picnic (better bundle up!). The little curtain adds a nice bit of charm to your laundry window (wish I had a window in my laundry room). Enjoy your day! Wendy x

    1. I sent the rest with the hubby to work or I would eat them all! Oh a picnic sounds like so much fun! Have a great day picnicing!

  7. Those look so good! We too have a cool down. I want to go camping so badly. It's so nice.

    1. Maybe you will just have to open up that camper in the backyard. lol....We have been looking at campsites nearby for sometime in August. I keep looking at all of the great things to cook around a campfire.

  8. Great idea tho use Cherry Bites! Thanks . . .
    Cool here too!
    Kept the down comforter on last night for sleeping!
    I am not complaining . . .
    Put me in the mood for cleaning, sorting, tossing, soup making and bread making too!

    1. Some soup sounds good too! It felt good sleeping under our big comforter all night with the windows wide open!

  9. Up above . . . It is supposed to say . . .
    Good idea for the Cherry Bites!
    The iPad is not perfect for writing comments . . . maybe my fingers aren't working correctly!

  10. I'm loving this cooler weather! Cute curtains and I definitely need to try those cherry bites. Yummy!

    1. I love the weather too! Great sleeping at night!

  11. The cherry bited look great! Will give them a try. Cool here too. More like fall than summer. Weird!

    1. Monday night really felt like fall! I hope that is not a sign of things to come. Not ready to even think about winter!