Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noodle Day

Another hot and humid day in northern Illinois!

One of those days you can almost hear the corn growing!

I am gearing up for Saturdays first Farmers Market.

On the Thursdays before I usually make my noodles to sell .

I was up early this morning to begin.

First I mix up the dough.

Flour, eggs, olive oil and a few tablespoons of water go in the food processor.

The dough comes out a little lumpy.

I give it a few shakes of flour, knead it a couple of times and put it in a plastic bag to rest for and hour or so.

While waiting today I began pitting cherries.

The birds didn't get all of mine this year!

In fact, the tree still has quite a few left.

My secret weapon for getting the pit out,

Just a regular old bobby pin!
Poke the rounded end into the cherry and pull the pit out.
Works like a charm!

After that job was done I got my pasta machine out for noodle making time.

The dough had rested enough to give it the right elasticity.

I cut it into thick pieces and roll those in flour.

Then I roll  the dough thru the machine at its widest setting.

One pass at its widest and then the next time through at the 2nd smallest.

Then its time to cut the noodles.

My machine makes a wide fettuccine noodle or a thin spaghetti noodle.
I sell more fettuccine, so that is what I usually make to sell.

The noodles get hung on a cloths dryer rack to air dry the rest of the day.

I learned this trick from an older Amish woman that made the best egg noodles I have ever tasted!

Tomorrow I will bag them up. 

Put an ingredient label on them.

And they will be ready for market on Saturday!

I still haven't decided yet what to do with the cherries.

My grocery store is out of fruit pectin for jam.

They will either be turned into hand pies to sell.

Or I might just treat the pipeliner to a fresh cherry pie for dessert tonight!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I wish I lived close enough to you to be one of your customers. I love homemade egg noodles.

    1. If you email me your address I would love to send you some when I make my next batch compliments of ME!

  2. You are absolutely amazing! The pasta and homemade cherry pie!?!? Can I come over for dinner! Awesome Liz! Oh and thanks for the tip about pitting little ones have not figured out how to eat a cherry and spit the pit and I really did not want to spend over 30 bucks on a cherry pitter!! Now I can just do it for free! Good luck and have fun at the market!

    1. I used to have one of those cherry pitters but it just didn't do a good job.

  3. I love egg noodles! Pasta Maker makes it fun, the girls love it :)
    We got one cherry off of our new cherry tree. It was delicious ;)

    1. I love my pasta maker! Glad that one cherry was great, hope you cut it in pieces for everyone. lol...

  4. Wow, look at all those noodles! What a great item for the Market!
    Your cherries look beautiful, I hope you made your hubby a pie. :)
    Cherry jam is one of my favorites.

    1. My noodles have always done good at the market. And yes I made the hubby a pie, he was thrilled :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Those noodles look awesome! I've always wanted to try fresh pasta but I've never made any myself. If I saw some at the farmers market I'd buy it for sure! So cool how you have the pasta machine and you dry it on racks. And your cherries look delicious too! I love the tip of using a bobby pin - I'll have to remember that one! Hope you had a great weekend, Liz :)

    1. I watched my grandma make noodles rolling them out by hand. The machine is much easier! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That is so cool! I've watched folks do that in a window of a restaurant but never seen anyone do it personally. I hope you sell lots! It is really awesome!

    Hope you're having a wonderful summer, Liz!


  7. I spent many years watching my grandma make noodles. They are actually really easy to make. Having a great summer. Hope you are too!

  8. Thats awesome just inspired me, I have learned to put up veggies and jams now I am going to tackle the noodles Thanks Liz never done it but I know I can for all the times watching my grandmother mom and aunts. I'll let you know how they turn out.

    1. Let me know how they turn out! I love making noodles, and my family loves eating them!

  9. Replies
    1. The noodles usually dry and stay on the racks. I just pick them off and bag them in plastic bread bags with twist ties. My mom puts hers in gallon size ziplock bags. Good luck with noodle making!