Friday, January 18, 2013

It all started with...

It all started with a broken screen door latch on the camper.

  We stopped at the rv dealsership where we had purchased our camper to buy a new latch. It was early in the afternoon so we thought, what the heck, lets look thru some of the new campers they had on the showfloor.

The pipeliner and I fell in love with our camper the first time we walked thru the door. We had never seen a floor plan like it. And to this day have never seen another one like it.

All of the campers we have seen since then have never caught our eye. Until a few weeks ago. I knew the minute I stepped inside. This one has potential.

We looked at a few more and came back to look at this model again. The saleslady told us if we were interested in trading in our old one to give her a call.

The pipeliner came home and started browsing the web. He found another one he liked better. The floor plan was the same, the colors inside a little different. A few emails and faxes back and forth between the dealership, the deal was signed. A new camper was coming from Michigan.

It was a frigid Tuesday morning when they deliverd it.
The old camper meets the new one!
The inside is amazing!!
What a beautiful bedroom! It has much more storage space than the other camper.
I love the defined kitchen space!
Love the living room!
With a great space like this, I am almost ready to go on the road again. Almost.



  1. Who knew a kitchen in a camper could be so kitchen-like? You DO have a great space. Thank goodness for broken latches. :)


  2. Hello liz....the camper looks very nice...nice open kitchen area! I've been so busy working on the Valentine swaps and my daughter still hasn't had the baby yet...he was due on the 17th.

  3. Congrats on your new home away from home! Very nice!

  4. Wow! I didn't know campers came so plush. That looks as nice as any home. I think I could really enjoy traveling with all those comforts of home.

  5. That looks awesome! It sure will be alot of fun!