Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Summer Job

I have had the idea in the back of my head ever since we moved to this property.
Starting my own flower farm!

When we moved here the back 3 acres were so overgrown with brush, volunteer trees and weeds!

The pipeliner spent a weekend clearing everything out!

This spring we purchased this beauty!

The perfect size for me to operate.

The pipeliner started tilling rows for me to plant.

Now these rows are filled with flowers!

Let me tell you its not as easy as the pictures look!

After planting almost 35 rows of zinnias we had a hard rain!
The soil turned to concrete!
The farmer across the road had the same problem with his cornfield.
He had the use of a rotary hoe to take the crust off his soil.
I tried with my little make shift hoe, a weed edger.
It didn't work so well, and I ended up reseeding the whole thing!

I have been selling bouquets of zinnias and sunflowers at the local farmers market.

The sunflowers are always my favorite.

Along with the flowers I sell my homemade noodles.

I call them Lizzys oodles of noodles!

To this I have added some kind of snickerdoodles.
This past week was snickerdoodle cupcakes.

So we have oodles of noodles & snickerdoodles.
( it is now a running joke with the customers and a good draw to my booth)

The biggest seller of baked goods is this crusty bread.

Asiago & Garlic, Cheddar & Jalapeno

My weeks are pretty busy!
I try to make a batch of noodles everyday.
Friday are baking day, for Saturdays market.

Then there is the upkeep of the gardens.
With all of the rain we have had lately weeding has become an issue and tiresome!

I am not sure where I am taking the whole flower farm thing.
I would like to do a u-pick section next year.
Nothing better than people coming to the farm to pick their own bouquets.
Florist have become quite interested in buying from flower farms.
I may try to market to some of them.
Locally grown flowers are becoming the new trend.

Who wouldn't want a vase full of these beauties delivered to their door?

For now though the Farmers Market keeps me busy enough!

Lots of things to think about this upcoming winter.
I do know this is something I really want to do!

Look for more posts on my new adventure.



  1. Hi Liz! You came to comment on my blog, and now I'm commenting on yours! It's funny, but for a little while I toyed with the idea of having a "come dig your own" perennial business. Then I shook my head and realized how incredibly hard that would be. Your flowers are amazing!! You are one busy woman! -Jenn

    1. We have a lady in town that inherited a yard with LOTS of perennials. She has a "dig your own" every spring. It will take years to ever deplete her supply. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How fun Liz! One of my daughters wanted to plant and sell flowers when we did the market, but we don't do it anymore. I just don't have the time with the size garden we have. The flowers look great. My zinnias didn't come up this year.

    1. Zinnias are such and easy and pretty flower to grow. They have been good sellers so far.

  3. Oh my, that's great! I love sunflowers too. The zinnas are such a classic too. I love the name - the customer's will remember that as it is so catchy. Was a good marketing! Keep us posted - love to hear of other's entrepreneurship - ideas and spirit. Good luck

    1. I love zinnias too! I have more flowers in the garden too, but these seem to be the hot sellers. Thanks, I am excited about this business!

  4. Hi Liz! Long time since I've been to your blog...
    Can I just say "Wow!" ????
    I love the farm fresh flowers idea! What a really 'fresh' idea.
    I wonder what goes through peoples minds when they have a dream like this... that just seems OUT there, and then the DO IT!
    I'm so happy for you.
    I don't think I have it in me to do something like that.
    I also love the oodles of noodles and snickerdoodles! that's cute.
    I can't remember what state you're in, but do you have cottage industry laws that you have to abide by?
    Do you have to have your kitchen inspected by the health dept/ inspector?
    This is so fascinating.
    I'm coming back here to check in and see how it's going.
    Zinnia's are a favorite of mine. ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping in! I live in Illinois. Yes we have the food cottage law in our state. Plus you have to have a food certification license as well. I don't have to have my kitchen inspected. Just have to label all food products that they were made in a kitchen where allergens my be present. The only thing I had to have tested was our well water. Lots of rules and regulations for sure! Learning a lot this summer! I am setting some goals to achieve for next year. I have a hard time remembering you can't have it all at once!

  6. Wow Liz!!! You have been busy!! I love everything you are doing and I wish you lived in my neighborhood! Can't wait to hear more. And thank you for always cheering me up with your wonderful comments on my blog...:) Hugs!!

  7. You go girl! that is awesome what you are doing although I know it is a lot of work for you. Love your John Deere! I can't grow much of anything down here because of either the heat or the critters and bugs. Your variety and of items is wonderful and I would buy one of everything! Congrats on your new venture!

  8. Wow, that is quite an undertaking-it looks beautiful!!

    Love your farmers market items, wish you were at our local farmers market, I would love to try your bread :)