Monday, May 4, 2015

The Chicks!

I can hardly believe how fast time goes by.

Another flip of the calender page
and its May!

This spring is already full of projects on the farm.
(whats new right?)

The most fun thing that has happened so far around here is the

I bought this coop off of craigslist last summer for a steal!

The pipeliner did a wonderful job painting it for me!

The inside was all ready for some action!

But heading into winter we weren't sure it was the right time
to get any hens.

Then this spring a neighbor down the road called to tell
me she was moving,
would I be interested in her 4 chickens?

Well of course I would!

They moved right into the coop without any problems!

Actually they loved it so much in there they hardly came out for the
first week or so!

The grandson is just thrilled with them!

He tells them thank you for the eggs after each collection.

We recently purchased 6 Rhode Island Reds to add to the coop.

It will be awhile before they can forage the yard for bugs or 
lay any eggs.

I am so happy for our new additions to the farm!

And they seem to be happy too!



  1. How sweet! Your grandson is so adorable!

  2. NICE!
    Love your coop.
    I miss having chickens, we will add them again, just not sure when.
    Enjoy :)

    1. Thanks! Hope you can get back in the chicken business again!

  3. That's a nice coop. And to get seasoned hens too? What a deal.

    1. Yes it was nice to get fresh eggs right away!

  4. Sweet post . . . I love your grand holding the eggs . . . And the bluish eggs with the brown in the basket. Nothing like fresh eggs!
    Happy springtime Liz . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne! We laugh at the grandson and his excitement over the chickens!

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  6. ok. you're killing me here! been catching up with your blog and see that you are gonna prolly have to help me out. the hubs is dying to have chickens and has been talking about having bees forever!!! and you've got it all right here on the blog......may be hollering at you for info soon!!!

    1. Well its all pretty new to me, a learning experience as I go along! lol.. But I love my chickens...the bees have been a challenge this year for sure!

  7. Liz, your new coop is so cute! I love that your grandson is enjoying the hens too. I'm sure he will carry those memories for a long time to come. It must be great to have fresh eggs!

  8. Pure wonderful Liz!! I will have to check craigslist as your coop is awesome! Love that shot of your little sweetie up there with the eggs!! And I'm so glad to hear that they have adjusted so well!!! Happy gardening to you!! Nicole xo

  9. How cute it is, that your grandson thanks the chickens for the eggs! Our daughter and her husband raise chickens too, and I enjoy reading about this new adventure for you. I think the paint job is impressive!