Thursday, March 5, 2015

Still on the job

I am still on the road with the pipeliner
in Eastern Michigan.

The grandson is also still with us.

It is not always easy keeping him entertained in 
a hotel room.

We spend a lot of time building great castles.

The weekend his mommy came for a visit
we decided it was time for a haircut!

Lets just say it was quite the battle!
Not the best haircut,
but grandma still thinks he is cute!

The big excitement was changing rooms.
We moved from a chilly first floor room,
to a sun filled second floor.

I put little man in his buggy, then on the cart,
Everything got packed around him.
We made 4 or 5 trips up and down the elevator,
but we got it all moved.

He thought it was quite the adventure!

We did make a quick trip home over the past weekend.

It was nice just to sit,
look out the window and enjoy the country views.

The pipeliner says its nice to go home
and realize what you are working so hard for!

When we got back to Michigan we changed hotels.
This time I had the pipeliner to help!
The little man just takes everything in stride.

As long as he has his fire trucks 
he is happy!

I brought back my quilting supplies.
I am still working on my flower garden quilt.

I am hoping to be back home for good by the end of the month.
 It sure is hard to be gone so long this time!

One strange thing I have found in north east Michigan
that makes me really happy,

a never, ending supply of sushi!

Who would have thought?

I guess I will spend the next couple of weeks thumbing
through my gardening catalogs.
There are so many new things I want to plant!

Spring is only a couple of weeks away!
Well at least thats what the calendar says!

Stay warm friends!



  1. I love that last photo, ha ha! That quilt piece looks so pretty. Hubby invited me to come stay with him in New Hampshire. He's on an out-of-state job until the strike is over. I looked up the drive time. I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait for his return.

    1. Some years I feel like that picture! lol...

  2. Liz...your hubby is so lucky to have you and your grandson too!! I know it must be hard to be gone from home so long. But you are like long as my family are with me I can manage. The best thing is that you can read, sew, etc. without feeling guilty about needing to do something around the house......yea!! Hope you have a great day with that cutie grandson....:)

    1. I like the idea that I don't have to feel guilty about getting anything done around the house! This place is so small cleaning up is easy, plus housekeeping does all of the sheet and towels!

  3. Your grandson is quite a cutie!!!! I love that you go with your husband.. I would too!
    Your quilt is going to be amazing! Hopefully why you get home, spring will be in full swing! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks! We think he is a cutie too!! I am beyond ready for spring! lol..

  4. I'm so glad you're able to make this work for the three of you. I think I would be going a little stir crazy in a hotel room all day with a little tyke, and this being a particularly cold winter has had its challenges! How wonderful to have met up with a fellow blogger for dinner ... a nice welcome change I'm sure. Your grandson is so cute and always smiling in your photos (well, except the haircut photos, poor guy). A change is in the air now, so you'll be able to at least get outdoors with him again soon and check out some local parks to burn off his energy. Enjoy!

    1. Some days have their challenges thats for sure! We did go out and play in the snow a couple of days ago. Hoping to find a park close by when the weather breaks!

  5. What a cute little guy! Your second hotel looks very nice. Hope you are enjoying your time together!

    1. Thanks! Hotels are so much different than when I was a kid! lol...

  6. So glad you were able to go home to take in that beauty for the weekend! And you are amazing....I am having quite the time keeping the beans entertained in our house let alone a hotel room! Such a good grandma you are! And I love his new hair cut!! That last shot of the gal gardening in the snow is me!! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that! You hang in there and before you know it you will be gardening and tending your bees! Happy weekend you!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Oh believe me it has been a challenge for sure! I know you are very anxious to get out in your "new" garden space! All of the great idea you come up with inspire me as well!

  7. You sure are having an adventure all the way around. I really like that garden picture. I actually did that our first year here in KY. It was warm so I decided to start planting. Well an unexpected cold snap and snow fell upon us. I was out in the garden brushing snow off all my plants and I cut the bottom off of plastic jugs and bottles to make little greenhouses for each plant. They all survived, but I learned not to do that again.
    Farmhouse hugs,

    1. I think all of has had that happen to them once or twice in their gardening life. Last year we had a freak snow on May 16th!

  8. Hi Liz!
    Popping in to say hi!... I've read back a handful of've been busy! Traveling and seeing the sights in Florida and now back up in Michigan ...all over. That snow and those temps look so cold! We only got down into the teens one or two times this winter and it's been since Christmas...
    having fun your little grandson and seeing old friends make for good memories too.
    I haven't been reading all the blogs-- so I'm taking a saturday to catch up!
    I'm very behind in my reading.
    I'm ready to garden-- we've had lots and lots of far I've not gotten a thing planted. :/
    take care...

  9. I hope all is going well and that you'll get to be home soon and plant your garden.