Monday, March 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home!

Boy oh boy does it feel good too!

I would have to say this was one of the most challenging pipeline
trips we have made to date.

Mainly because we had the little
pipeliner for the whole trip.

I think he will be a future operator!

We started out with lots and lots of snow on the ground,
plus a few days of below zero temps!

A move from one hotel floor to another, 
and then a move to another hotel all together a few miles away.

We went from winter coats, boots and gloves;

to warmer temps with lots of melting snow

The last week of our trip was the week of mud!

Grandma knows you can't keep a little boy and
his cars out of the mud!

Lets just say it was days filled with getting our clothes
changed a few times,
and lots of baths!

But we all survived!

I wonder if little man will even remember the months
spent out of town with grandma and gramps?

When we left home the ground was covered in snow.

Upon returning everything has melted
leaving behind piles of rocks deposited by the snowplow.

The dirt from new water line that we ran late last fall has settled.

Plenty of bare spots where the sod was scraped off for the
new shed in need of grass seeding.

Plenty of spring projects for sure!

But this morning all the reminders of work were covered in
white again.

For now, I think I will just sit back, relax and watch the snow melt
while enjoying my



  1. So glad you are home!!!!! You did good having that sweetie with you as I know all the work that goes into taking care of a little one not to mention you were in a hotel!!! And yes could the weather be anymore crazy!!! SO much for enjoying my tulips!! Enjoy your time back home!!! Nicole xoxo ps....the pictures of him are adorable!!!

  2. Yes, welcome back. Enjoy your day.

  3. Home is sweet, right? We got snow too. I took advantage of it, and curled up with some crocheting. Enjoy!

    1. It sure is! It was a great day to that for sure!

  4. Glad you made it back safely! We are snow covered again :(

    1. It is hard to enjoy this snow when everyone is ready for spring!

  5. Welcome Home looks like a White World once again!

    1. Thanks! Just glad the white stuff doesn't last long this time of year.

  6. I bet it is good to be home again. And more snow? It has finally has warmed up a bit here, thank goodness.

    1. It is so good to be home! The snow didn't last but a day! Hope thats the end of it for the season!

  7. Enjoy being home! Home is a wonderful thing!!!

    1. Thank you! It sure does feel good to be home!

  8. Welcome home! Hope you're getting some spring weather by now. Those projects are awaitin'!