Friday, June 13, 2014

30 Years Already?

This coming Saturday I will be attending my
30th class reunion!

Most days I still feel like I am in my 30's,
instead of late 40's.

I had one of the smallest classes to graduate,
only 23 in my class.

We were a pretty close group.
Most of us went from kindergarten to high school together.

Everybody got along with each other.

I have had my yearbook out reminiscing lately.

That's me in the middle, 
with my 2 best friends!

We had so many adventures in the years we spent together!

Sadly I havent seen either one in over 10 years.

This was Prom court 1984.

My escort was one of my first boyfriends in grade school.

I think him and I are the only grandparents in our class.

My role in the Senior play as Grandma Bill.

Everyone said I looked just like my grandmother.
(Might be because I used her wig in the play)

Most of us stay in contact via Facebook.

But there are a few I haven't seen since the day we received 
our diplomas.

I am not sure how many will be attending Saturday.

But I am excited to catch up with everybody!

I am sure we will all say,
can you believe its been 30 years since graduation?

Heck, we don't look that old!

 Class of 1984.


  1. That was fun to read today. Wow, only 23 in your class too. I think my class was up in the 100's.

  2. Have a great time! 30 years is always just a "blink" when we look back.....

  3. It's my 30th class reunion year as well. I haven't heard anything of a reunion gathering as of yet. I had a large class of over 300. I haven't been to a reunion since 10 year. The friends I keep in touch with are childhood friends as well. Have fun and enjoy catching up.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in high school and I hope you have a blast at your reunion!

  5. Oh have a blast friend! I LOVE those photos of you!!! They are just awesome! Enjoy every second with your friends and let us know how it goes! Nicole xoxoxo

  6. Have a wonderful time!! I love your old pictures!

  7. Hope you had a great time! I had my 40th last summer, and it was so much fun.

  8. Time sure does fly!! I hope that you had a great time! This is year 25 for me ~ crazy to think that it's been that long.

  9. Yes, time does march on. Kinda scary! I had about 750 kids in my graduating class! Have fun!

  10. Loved all these photos ... you are pretty young thing!! Look at that hair! Perfect example of an 80's gal :) I hope you have a great time and can catch up with your old friends who you've lost touch with. Wendy x

  11. What a lovely post! I hope you had a lovely reunion :)