Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Computers & Gardens

I hate when computers get the best of me!
That has been my problem of late.
But I am back up and running.

I am so far behind in my garden!

It was finally roto-tilled sometime last week.

We had a wedding out of state over the weekend, that meant no garden time, 
but lots of fun with friends.

Photo-booth funnies!

This week  the temps have been hot and the humidity high. Not very good for having the baby outside.
I did manage to get most of my hostas dug up and divided.

Friday morning the daughter flies in for a 4 day weekend. 
She is so excited to see her little guy!
It has been almost a month!

And this will give grandma plenty of time to work in her garden!

Until then I keep going over lists of things to plant. 
Adding to my list of plants to pick up from the greenhouse.
And drawing designs of what goes where.

I hope everybodys gardens are growing by leaps and bounds right now!
Is anybody else as far behind as me?



  1. Our garden is not in yet. We are still getting frost warnings here in NH and it's been pretty cold here at night.

    1. Now I am kind of glad I waited. We have a frost watch out for tonight. It will get planted sooner or later, always does!

  2. Cute picture! I hate computer problems too. Shoot, I decided to just skip a garden this year and now I wish I hadn't. :(

    1. Sometimes I could pick up this computer and give it a toss out the window! lol..

  3. HA! You should see my front garden! Half of the bed is dug up with sod sitting in it! I need to take a picture of it...just is hard to squeeze in the time with the beans! But little by little! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and how awesome that your daughter gets to see her sweetie! She must be over the moon to see him and snuggle him! Love that picture!!!

    1. Well at least I am not alone! lol..I forgot how hard it is to get things done with little ones around! You have a great holiday weekend yourself!

  4. Hello, Liz ... thanks for following along on my blogging journey. I look forward to doing the same here at your lovely space.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower!