Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the Road Again

Things got a little hectic around here for awhile!

We were trying to finish up the concrete work on the farm, rake the yard, get the new grass seed planted and keep up with the garden preserving.

This all had to get done before we took off for the pipeliners next job!

But we made it, and we are here!

Nestled in between some big rigs!

It took a few days to get everything sorted out and put in the right spot.

We purchased the new camper in January.
This is the first time staying in it!

I love it!

The dogs all have their favorite spot marked out.

Shaggy is the true camper dog.
She loves to lay on the back of the couch and check out her surroundings from the inside.

The beagle prefers to be out.

She likes to wag her tail at everybody that goes by.
Of course that gets lots of people to stop by for a petting.
Smart one she is!

As for me this is how I am going to relax for most of my stay.

With a few books I have been wanting to read.
My feet propped up enjoying the view.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Dry 'Round Here

Things have been really dry on the farm.
I read posts from others that tell of non-stop rain.
Why can't Mother Nature spread it out a little more evenly.

Watering has become my new morning routine.

Some mornings I haul the water by hand, but hey its a lot easier and more fun to do it with the golf cart!

I fill the 5 gallon bucket from the well.

The smaller buckets come from emptying the de-humidifier in the basement. I get 2 buckets full a day!

The dogs won't ride, but have fun running beside the cart.

My first stop is the peonie bush I planted early this spring.

Can you believe there wasn't a single one on the property.
You have to have peonies on the farm.

The beagle is on the trail of something!

A bucket full for the peach tree.

This tree was planted early this spring. I am so glad we did, after losing our big one to a wind storm!

Next is the apple tree.  

He is looking better after losing quite a bit of leaves in the spring wind storm.

The other apple trees are loaded again this year.

They don't look as big as last summers crop, but will still make some great sauce and pie filling.

The last little tree is the pipeliners newest transplant.

A volunteer dug up from a friends yard.

I take the golf cart on a little tour of the yard before it goes back in the barn.

These lillies popped up this year. I sure don't remember them in the yard last year.

They have a glittery blue edge around each petal.

A trip past the sunflower patch.

There will be a good supply for the Farmers Market this Friday!

Looks like the hostas in my new bed really need a good drink.

Back to the well to refill the buckets.

This is my view as I stand at the well.
A view that always makes me thankful for Gods hand in bringing us to this great space.

Oh the rains will come, they always do.
Until then I will enjoy this morning routine!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Things for a Friday

I am still trying to get things settled after the move.
It just seems like there is something extra to do everyday that keeps me away from the computer.

This little guy being the main reason!

He loves visiting grandmas house!

Especially green beans from the garden.

I finally got caught up with all of the weeds that took over the garden while we were in the midst of moving.

The tomato plants are slow going.
Not a lot of rainfall, nor hot weather to get those guys turning red.

But the flowers have been keeping me in a constant supply.

We lost our peach tree during a wind storm early this summer.

The trunk was still attached enough to supply nutrients to the peaches. We left it alone until this year peaches are ready.
And they are just about ready!

Besides all of the usual house work and yard work, I am getting the camper ready to go.

We are taking it to the campground tomorrow near the pipeliners next job.

No camper living for another week or so. Not until the job gets up and running.

That kind of throws a kink in how I had planned on spending the rest of my summer.

But it is what it is.

Oh one last thing,
the humming birds found my feeder!
I was beyond thrilled!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just waiting

Waiting for the grass to dry out.

Mowing is on the top of my to-do list today.

On my morning walk around the yard, I found a few other things I am waiting on.

I am waiting for the humming birds to find their way to my feeder.
I had so many at my feeder in town, will they ever find their way to the country?
Sure do miss them!

Waiting on my first ripe tomato!
The garden got a late start this year.

So the tomatoes will take a little longer to ripen.

This will be a late summer wait.
I have lots of butternut squash on the vine.
Last year my crop got wiped out from a vine eating bug.

Waiting to pick a big vase full of sunflowers!
This is the only guy blooming right now.

Really waiting for the concrete guy to come out and finish pouring the approach to the barn.
The piles of gravel and weeds are driving me nuts!

I have waited since picking these beauties last night, for breakfast.

They will be tasty on my bowl full of cereal.

Off to enjoy them while watching the grass dry!