Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Crud

When you turn into a walking snot ball you have "The Crud" You cough up mucus and your nose runs constantly therefor the use of the word "crud".
You go to the office and you cough and blow your nose for an hour and a coworker asks "what's wrong with you?" Yo respond, "I have the crud".

That describes me perfectly!

I have had the crud since the first weekend of December.
I came down with it while we were in Las Vegas for my 50th birthday celebration.
The pipeliner had bought tickets for a favorite singer of mine way back in August, the month of my 50th birthday.
We were so excited to get away after the busy summer and fall, and then I get sick the first night there!
I came home and laid on the couch for about a week.
I  gave in and went to the doctor.
I finally started to feel better.
Then the grandson brought home a cold from pre-school.

We all caught that!

I had to sell my tickets to the Bears/Packers game
(Another birthday present from the pipeliner)
because I was to sick to go.

The week of Christmas I made my way back to the Dr. again!

I sure didn't get a lot of decorating done this year
or shopping for that matter.

We finally ventured out on New Years Day.
As I strapped the grandson into his car seat he looked at me 
and said
"Grandma I don't feel good".
Those words started round 3 of another bout with the crud!

I am not kidding you,
80% of my facebook friends have had the crud!

My mom has it.
The pipeliner has it.
The daughter and her husband have it.
The grandson is finally getting over it.

I am still stuck with it!

We have been through 5 boxes of kleenex.
A couple of bags of Halls.
(The pipeliner found Sucrets on his last trip to the drug store,
those things are the bomb!)
A whole bottle of hand soap.

I have ate oranges and apples,
Drank a couple of gallons of tea.

We have sanitized about every inch of the house!

The pipeliner finally decided we need some sun and warmth to get rid of this crud!

He booked us a trip to Florida!

28 more days until we go!

I sure hope I am better by then!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Fresh is the Word

At the beginning of every new year I like to think of a word 
that I can use as a focus for the next 12 months.

Last year was goals.
I achieved quite a few,
and am still working towards more.

This year the word is FRESH!

There are a lot of things in my life that I want to "fresh"-en up.

My first one would have to be the journey I walk with God.
A new year lets me take a fresh look at my spiritual life.
To read by Bible with a renewed vigor.
I found a wonderful prayer journal that I have downloaded.
I can't think of a better way to begin my mornings,
fresh with the Lords word.

Another thing I would like to keep fresh is my home!
With 2 dogs and a 4 year old running around,
the house tends to get dirty and cluttered fast.
I was under the weather for most of December
and my poor house really suffered for that!

 I have downloaded and printed some great cleaning lists that make keeping a home fresh and clean really simple!

Fresh Foods

I usually try to keep my eating habits pretty healthy
but again that is something that has kind of gone down hill over the last few months.
More and more processed foods have made their way into my diet.
We subscribed to a food delivery service earlier in the year.
All of your meals are delivered to your door fresh,
the only thing you have to do is prepare them.
I really liked that most veggies came from organic farms.
The only thing I didn't like was the price tag!

I have found some great recipes online and in my cookbooks that are made with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Januarys suppers are already planned out.
Healthy & fresh!

My fitness routine has become stale and boring.
Time to reFRESH that too!

Lets face it if you don't continue to change up your exercise routine
it becomes hard to stick to it.
Also your body becomes accustomed to the same thing over and over.
Time to add a fresh plan to challenge my 50 year old body.

Sleep is huge on my list for this year!
I think that is how I ended up getting sick.
My body had not been getting the required amount of sleep.
I got worn down and so did my immune system.
I am trying for at least 7 hours a night!

Plain and simple I need to plant and harvest more fresh veggies for next year!

I have so many ideas for my fresh cut flower business.
Now just to get them all down on paper.
Make a fresh plan for an even bigger season!

Fresh ideas for my blog!

Last year I just felt like I had nothing new or exciting to blog about.
This year I have a weekly calendar to jot down all the things I want to write about.
Plus I added a new blog for my fresh cut flower business.

There is always something to write about in there!

Even though 2016 was a pretty good year,
I am ready for a fresh start for 2017!

Happy New Years!
May 2017 bring you a fresh start too!