Friday, October 26, 2012

Home away from home!

Here we are, the end of October, and the pipeliner got called out of town for another big job. We have never been out of town this late in the pipelining season.

The ride getting here was quite scarey! Wind advisory had been issued before the journey began. But the pipeliner got us here safe and sound.

The view isn't that exciting. Our campsite boarders an" already been combined" beanfield.
I have a feeling it could get awful windy as the colder days arrive.
The weather started out quite rainy.
The dogs spent most of their days looking out the window, watching the rain come down.
That reminds me I need some Windex to wipe off those puppy nose prints!
Then the weather turned almost summer like. Glad I packed some shorts and t-shirts for this trip.
But the wind picked up again. This time it blew in a huge cold front from the north. But the puppies enjoyed the last nice day, even with their ears blowing in the wind!
This is home sweet home for the next month or so.