Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The siding is on!

Progress continues at the farm.

With the house wrapped in insulation, we feel much better about the upcoming winter. I don't think this little house will be much trouble heating.

We removed a window from this side of the house. I think it takes on more of that saltbox house feel.

Next came the siding. We decided to go with a traditoinal white farm house.  It makes the whole place look much bigger.

On the back side of the house the contractor suggested enclosing the back door. This gives us a breeze-way or mudroom before you enter the kitchen.
The front of the house has a new porch.  I still haven't decided how to finish it off.  I do know I want to install an old wooden screen door on the front door. It will be painted a dark green to set out off the color of the roof.
So many more ideas for things to do. Hopefully more time to get them done!