Sunday, June 7, 2015

Getting caught up

I really haven't meant to be gone this long, really.

It just seems sometimes the more you do the further
you get behind!

So many projects on the get it done list!

All the wonderful rain continues to make my garden grow
and also the weeds!

UGH, I can hardly keep up!

Between the mowing and weeding
it has become the never ending job!

The Little Man loves all of the rain!

He has spent hours throwing rocks into his own little pond.

And of course what little boy doesn't love to run their 
trucks through all of the puddles?

Can you believe I may have finally gotten caught up?

The garden is weeded, the yard is mowed, and the
flower beds look in pretty good shape.

Just in time too!

The pipeliner informed me we would be heading out for 
the rest of the summer.

So much for the weeded garden and mowed yard!

Maybe next year.