Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Tough Week

This past week has been full of changes in our
lives and in our hearts.

We signed the papers on Tuesday selling our little farmette.

We put a lot of labor and love into this special little get-away.

I will admit, it was hard to hand the keys over to the new owner.

But we wished him lots of happy memories!

We had plenty of them there!

On Friday we said good-bye to our beloved beagle

She was diagnosed with acute kidney failure last fall.
We were lucky to have had her in our lives for almost 9 years.

She was one of the most loyal dogs I have ever had.

Molly loved everyone she met.
And they always ended up loving her too!

I like to think most of her happiest memories were while traveling
in the camper with us.

Those two were buddies!

I know as much as we miss her, 
that little Shaggy dog will miss her the most.

Lots of tears were shed this week from sadness.

It will be hard to begin this coming week
knowing some things will never be the same.

Thankfully my heart is full of happy memories
to get me through this rough patch.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer is here!

Summertime sure keeps us busy!

After such a harsh winter is feels great to be outside
soaking up every bit of daylight.

Today it looks like this out,

A nice gentle rain.

It gives me sometime to catch up with things inside,
plus a little time at the computer.

This rain is also great for watering all of my extras I bought yesterday.

I couldn't pass up the 50% off sale at the local farm supply store!

Just a few things that have been keeping me busy.

Weeding the garden.

Cutting the grass.

Those are two never ending jobs, right?

Having fun learning to use our smoker.

Thanks to my in-laws for giving it to us on our last visit to Arkansas!

This smoked pork shoulder was so tastey!

Enjoying fresh strawberries from the u-pick strawberry patch up the road.

I canned 12 pints of jam so far.

They will taste so good this winter!

Watching this little nest of robins under the deck.

They will be ready for flight soon.

And of course lots of playing with grandmas buddy!

Summer just seems to go too fast doesn't it?

I hope you all are enjoying the dog days of summer!


Friday, June 13, 2014

30 Years Already?

This coming Saturday I will be attending my
30th class reunion!

Most days I still feel like I am in my 30's,
instead of late 40's.

I had one of the smallest classes to graduate,
only 23 in my class.

We were a pretty close group.
Most of us went from kindergarten to high school together.

Everybody got along with each other.

I have had my yearbook out reminiscing lately.

That's me in the middle, 
with my 2 best friends!

We had so many adventures in the years we spent together!

Sadly I havent seen either one in over 10 years.

This was Prom court 1984.

My escort was one of my first boyfriends in grade school.

I think him and I are the only grandparents in our class.

My role in the Senior play as Grandma Bill.

Everyone said I looked just like my grandmother.
(Might be because I used her wig in the play)

Most of us stay in contact via Facebook.

But there are a few I haven't seen since the day we received 
our diplomas.

I am not sure how many will be attending Saturday.

But I am excited to catch up with everybody!

I am sure we will all say,
can you believe its been 30 years since graduation?

Heck, we don't look that old!

 Class of 1984.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why My Garden has Weeds!

I think the summer weather has finally arrived, 
and decided to stay!

My garden is all planted,
things are popping out of the ground each day.

But this summers gardening activities are a little less productive this year!

Because grandma is to busy enjoying this guy!

Oh he does love to help grandma water the trees.

But we spend lots of time going for wagon rides.

Or learning how to use my spoon.

Sometimes we just watch out the window
at all of the birds flying by.

But by far this is grandmas favorite time!

So what if there are a few extra weeds in the garden this year,
and the grass needs to be cut?

I would rather have a day of play with my little buddy!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Poke & Plant Plan

My plan for this Sunday afternoon was to plant the 
vast quantity of sunflower seeds 
I have been collecting.

The last couple of years I have grown sunflowers for the 
Farmers Market.

The full package of seeds never gets sown.

Plus I had a few odds and end sunflower seeds that I had bought to try, but never got around to it.

I have had this grand plan to plant all of these sunflower seeds randomly on our back acreage.

The bees would love them!

Plus wouldn't this field look pretty all a bloom with sunflowers?

I though the easiest way to plant all the seeds,
would be poking a hole in the ground,
dropping in the seed,
then adding some dirt on top.

I found a piece of rebar to do the poking.

I tried to talk the pipeliner into doing this part.
But he was busy cleaning his garage.

I started poking and planting.

Five hundred some seeds is a lot of holes to poke and plant!

The planting was coming along pretty good.

Then the skies turned to this.

The rains halted the process for the rest of the day.

Thats okay, 
the garden sure could use a good soaking.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish my 
poke and plant plan!

I will let you know when the sunflowers start sprouting!

Happy Sunday!