Friday, January 12, 2018

Change and the Same

Life marched on in 2017,
even though I failed to blog about it.

A lot of things stayed the same.
I continued to make my noodles and crusty bread for the local farmers market.

The gardens were full of flowers for the market as well.

The garden produced another bountiful supply of vegetables.

 We spent time visiting the pipeliner at the camper.

And continued to be amazed by the most wonderful views from our backyard!

2017 brought us a new member to the family.

The cutest little black lab who was born with a disability.
Her right eye never developed properly.
But that has not held her back at doing anything.
Daisy is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet!

We enjoyed some firsts with the grandson.

His first airplane ride came when we took him on vacation last January.

He was also thrilled to ride his first passenger train.
 This was taken on his first trip to the big city too.

2017 stayed pretty much the same through out the year.
Until the big change that came at the end.
After lots of discussing and praying 
we decided to list our home and land for sale.

More on that big change on my next post.


  1. Such beautiful flowers and rainbow and your home looks lovely. You grandson is adorable and it sounds like he had some big adventures this year. Lucky boy.

    1. Thank you! The grandson sure brings us lots of joy!

  2. Your flowers were beautiful. You had a full and bountiful year. Good luck with the sale of the farm and move. Keep us updated. We like hearing from you.

  3. Glad you had fun selling at the market. I missed that last year. Sounds like a big change for you moving.

  4. wow Liz, you had a lot going on. Your flowers are so beautiful. I cheated and saw the most recent post first, congratulations on the move. I imagine that it is super hard to leave the old place behind. I know that I will miss this house when we leave it.

    Have a wonderful weekend. so glad to see you back.