Saturday, April 4, 2015

The 50th party

Last Sunday my sister and I hosted a party in
honor of my parents
50th wedding anniversary.

The day began with our family attending Sunday
morning church services at the same church
they were married in and still attend every week.

After the service was over we gathered with more family
and friends at a local event center for lunch.

My sister and her husband own a catering business,
so they handled the food.
And what a wonderful meal they prepared!

I was in charge of the cake, refreshments and decorations.

I used my moms green Ball jars as the centerpieces.

They were filled with a mixture of 50 yellow roses and white daisies.

Their black and white wedding picture was the focal point.

I was happy with how they turned out!

I also made an arrangement of roses for the church alter,

then transferred  to the banquet hall for a centerpiece
at the head table.

My aunt suggested making the same creamcheese mints for the
party, that she had made for their wedding reception.

Simple, but tastey!

It was a very special day for my parents.

They were surrounded by lots of family and friends
sharing great memories and well wishes!

I know they enjoyed every minute of this special day!

Thanks mom and dad for being such a wonderful blessing
in our lives!



  1. Congratulations, and what a wonderful day!

  2. The flowers looked great. What a blessing to have their example.

  3. What a fun event. Everything looks great! Congrats as well.

  4. The decor was stunning friend! And I love that photo of them!!! And those gotta share that recipe! They sound delicious!!! So glad that you all had a wonderful time and that your parents were surrounded with love! Have a glorious weekend! Nicole xo

  5. Very nice celebration for your parents!
    Congratulations . . .

    1. It was a wonderful day of celebrating! Thanks!

  6. Very sweet :) congratulations to your parents!

  7. Hearty congrats to your parents! Looks like a wonderful celebration.