Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015!
How did 2014 fly by so fast?
Just a reflection back on the last 12 months.
We started off moving to a new house in January.
A move that was a surprise to both of us!
Moving day was brutal!
Below zero temps and even worse wind chills.
We had to wait for the snow plows to clear the road to the new house.
A day after we moved in the pipeliner got a call for a job in
New Jersey.
And off we went!
While there I got to visit the Statue of Liberty.
If you remember last winter,
it was a long cold one!
When spring finally arrived
we got busy working around the new place.
My first garden turned out better then expected!
It kept me in supply of beautiful flowers all summer long!
We added a few buildings to the landscape.
The garden shed.

The chicken coop.
The pipeliners shed.
We also did a few get-aways.
Another trip to the Statue of Liberty
A birthday trip to Chicago to watch our favorite team!
Whats a little rain?
Stopped to see the pickers.
(they weren't home)
We harvested our first honey.
Sadly we said goodbye to our little farmhouse.
And in the same month said goodbye to our
beloved beagle Molly.
There was still a lot of happy moments spent with
my pipeliner.
Our first time seeing a hockey game.
This die-hard Packers fan even went with him to a
Bears Monday night game.
(love the guy who photo bombed us)
We didn't spend any time in our pipeline house the past year.
Gotta feeling that will change this year!
In November we added onto the farm.
We purchased the 5 acres next to us.
Maybe some steers in the future?
But the best thing about 2014 was spending
most days hanging out with my
silly, little, buddy!
Grandma and grandpa sure love this guy!
What a crazy, busy year we had!
But a very blessed one that's for sure!
I am not sure what 2015 will bring this family.
But if it is anything thing like last year,
it will be filled with lots of  hard work,
laughter and love!
I am ready to enjoy every minute of it!



  1. Ah Liz! I love every bit of this post! I am amazed at what you all accomplished on your land....such a dream to me to have all that space to grow and roam! And that picture of you and your husband is awesome! Though so is that one of that sweetie pie up there! Wishing you all wonderful blessings in the new year! Nicole xoxo

  2. It was fun to read your highlights of the year Liz! Love the shots of you and your hubby. You sure are filling up the space with lots of out buildings, and they all look so nice! Lots of fun places for your cute grandson to explore ;) Here's to another exciting year in 2015. Wendy x

    1. Thanks Wendy! We are sure happy how our little farm is shaping up to be!

  3. Great highlights, great memories!

    1. Thanks! Its always fun to look back!

  4. You accomplished so much. What a fun post to read through today.

    1. Thanks! We sure did get a lot done this year!

  5. What fun to visit you here! I loved reading every line and seeing the great pictures. You have a way of drawing people into your life by the candid way you share it all with us. I too look forward to what is ahead in your new year, because I am blessed to share some of it with you. Thanks for that!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy reading your blog. Lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2015!

  6. Loved seeing your year in review. Those flowers are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I miss garden fresh flowers when all I can see is snow,snow,!

  7. Lots of changes and good things in your 2014. Always a delight to spend time with grandkids. :-). Your garden looks wonderful. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks! We are happy with all of the progress at the new place. Grandkids are the best! Thank you for stopping by!

  8. You've had quite a year! I do enjoy the posts of folks looking back over the past. I used to travel some for work, but those days are mostly past. My longest 'excursions' lasted only a couple of weeks but there were years when they were quite frequent. Expect to see me stopping by on a regular basis to see how things are going for you!

    1. Last year was quite productive! Maybe because the hubby was working close to home so he was able to get a lot done. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you later!

  9. Wow, you had a busy and exciting year. Thanks for sharing, it is always fun to get caught up on what went on in the lives of friends.