Friday, October 10, 2014

My to do next year list!

I took a little break from things 
and went along with the pipeliner on a job.

I think a sight like this brings a big grin to every pipeline guy!

The place where we were staying  had very poor internet reception.

I was so glad that I had packed lots of magazines and a few books
on my reading list.

In one of the magazines I brought along,
they said now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to do in the garden next year.

(I was still thinking about the terrible chore of cleaning out the garden when I got home)

Well I had nothing but time.
Plus a lot of pictures downloaded onto my computer.

These are a few of the ideas I have put in a future file for 
next year!

How cute are these?

I think little man would be thrilled to see these scattered through out the yard.
Need to mow?
Just roll them out of the way!

What a great way to add more color in the garden.

I come across these insulators at auctions all of the time!
(Now to find someone to weld the rebar together)

My kitchen drawer is full of these!

I can already envision my new walk-way in between the vegetable garden and the cut flower garden.

This I am adding to the top of my to-do- next- year -list!

We never had any fires this summer.
Little man is still to curious.
What a great barrier around the fire pit.

These are some of the things that I really want to do!

Then I  thought,
what was one of the best ideas from this summer? 

Watering my ferns in a pot of water mixed with epsom salt.
Mix a 1/2 cup of salt to 3 gallons of water.
Soak your ferns for an hour.
My ferns have never looked better!

One of the fails this summer?

My poke and plant sunflower plan.

Um yeah, most never came up and
what did were quickly devoured by something.

I am sure when winter weather hits
and all we can do is dream about spring things,
this to next year list will continue to grow!

Do you have a to do next year list?



  1. What adorable ideas! No huge plans for next year other than a squash free year to rid the garden of bugs! I lost my fight with the squash bugs this year

    1. That is why I gave up on squash! The vines would be growing so long and lovey, then wham some kind of bug would get in them. The next day every vine would be withered and about to die.

  2. I bet it was fun working with the husband.. I love seeing mine in action, it always amazes me. My todo list includes a fire pit too.. and I love those flower stepping stones, So cute!!!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I like tagging with the hubby every so often. I already found the middles stones at a garage for my stepping stones!

  3. I like the idea of the canning jar flats for garden tags, especially since you can use the ones from empty jars and recycle them. Thanks.

    1. I thought they were a good idea too! I have so many old ones stuck in cupboards and drawers.

  4. You have lots of great ideas...should keep you busy for awhile. I usually have to get through the holidays before I start planning for next year.

    1. Yep holiday ideas are already filling my head. Will look back at my list in January! lol..

  5. Can we expect to see some of those cute ideas on your blog next spring? Pretty cute!

    1. Hopefully! Some look like great project for the long days of winter.

  6. Fun ideas . . . and the fern watering idea is a keeper!

    1. That is a trick I am so glad I used!

  7. Slowly, I am working on it. You reminded me I need to make more mushrooms. I make them from old mixing bowls and a small cut piece of tree for the stem.

    1. I have seen those, they are so cute! Another great one to add to my list!

  8. YES! I always have a TO DO... next year, next week, NEXT TIME! LIST!
    Love all your ideas... and that epsom salt worked worked wonders for my ferns too! I was over joyed with how they came back from the dead...and were lush and green. They're still hanging on...though I've cut back on watering and I noticed some yellowing today. I should probably go ahead and give them a big healthy drink...since were still having nice weather.
    Those little bowling BUGS are cute!

    1. Oh I always have lists for this and that! I had to bring my ferns into the basement. We have had a couple of hard frosts last week. I hope they survive the winter!

  9. I love your ideas!! I haven't even started thinking about next year, I think I am still in denial that this season is over :)

    1. I probably wouldn't have even started to think about it, if I hadn't been stuck in a hotel room with not a lot to do! lol...

  10. More than 50 years ago my brothers and I used to swipe those glass insulators off the old abandoned poles by the railroad track and sell them to the tourist shops in town. Haven't seen any in ages.

  11. Cute ideas! I agree though-- don't want to admit the gardens are done for the year! Where did summer go?

  12. You've got some fun ideas for next year Liz! Top of my list is to build a garden shed. We cleared an area at the top of our hill to start on it next Spring. Can't wait. It has been so lovely here that I still have flowers blooming. I figured next week I'd do the last of the Fall clean up and start putting the furniture away. I'll tell you, I'll have a big list by the time Spring arrives. lol! I am always so ready for it!

  13. Oh My.....we're still having temps in high 80s and 90s.....I'm so tired of summer and high humidity...cannot even imagine thinking of garden stuff for next summer.....
    We won't get cool weather till sometime in late November or December....sigh...

  14. Thankfully you had extra time and magazines, because you sure have shared some great
    ideas with us. I also like the way you write. It brings smiles to my day, especially the part about rolling those lawn decorations out of the way when mowing. That would really make my husband happy:)