Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Dry 'Round Here

Things have been really dry on the farm.
I read posts from others that tell of non-stop rain.
Why can't Mother Nature spread it out a little more evenly.

Watering has become my new morning routine.

Some mornings I haul the water by hand, but hey its a lot easier and more fun to do it with the golf cart!

I fill the 5 gallon bucket from the well.

The smaller buckets come from emptying the de-humidifier in the basement. I get 2 buckets full a day!

The dogs won't ride, but have fun running beside the cart.

My first stop is the peonie bush I planted early this spring.

Can you believe there wasn't a single one on the property.
You have to have peonies on the farm.

The beagle is on the trail of something!

A bucket full for the peach tree.

This tree was planted early this spring. I am so glad we did, after losing our big one to a wind storm!

Next is the apple tree.  

He is looking better after losing quite a bit of leaves in the spring wind storm.

The other apple trees are loaded again this year.

They don't look as big as last summers crop, but will still make some great sauce and pie filling.

The last little tree is the pipeliners newest transplant.

A volunteer dug up from a friends yard.

I take the golf cart on a little tour of the yard before it goes back in the barn.

These lillies popped up this year. I sure don't remember them in the yard last year.

They have a glittery blue edge around each petal.

A trip past the sunflower patch.

There will be a good supply for the Farmers Market this Friday!

Looks like the hostas in my new bed really need a good drink.

Back to the well to refill the buckets.

This is my view as I stand at the well.
A view that always makes me thankful for Gods hand in bringing us to this great space.

Oh the rains will come, they always do.
Until then I will enjoy this morning routine!



  1. Your farm looks beautiful :) I love the beagle. We had one once upon a time, they are sweethearts :)
    I hope you get the rain you need!

    1. Thanks Sandra! Our beagle Molly is one of the best dogs we have ever had.

  2. That is a great way to get that water around!!! Beats trying to carrying those buckets everywhere!!! Your view is amazing and I am loving your fruit trees! I wish we had room for a couple here. And as for the rain...I'm hoping we get some in the next week here too! Gorgeous Liz!!!

    1. We have had so much fun with that silly golf cart! I am thinking of doing a rain dance soon! lol..

  3. I love your view's just beautiful!! We are just the opposite here....rain almost every day.....not complaining too much because we usually have very hot, dry summers also. I love all of your flowers too! The bad thing about the rain is all of my flower beds are full of weeds and poison oak..eeeeeekkkk!!!!!! Hope you get your rain soon!

    1. I guess thats one good thing about no rain, no weeds getting out of hand! I just feel bad for the farmers around us.

  4. We got soooo much rain a couple weeks ago. It rained nonstop for basically two weeks straight. I wish we could have sent some of that your way! But looks like you've got it under control. The golf cart is a great way to haul the water! We need one of those for our property. 5 gallon buckets full of water get heavy real quick!

    PS - Love your sunflowers. They are so pretty!

    1. Its crazy how the rain fall is this year. My son is working on the East coast, he has been rained out for a couple of days in a row! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. We've been getting a lot of rain here this summer also. But I guess it's better than no rain at all. Your farm is looking good, that golf cart sure is a blessing, I remember how hard it was to get water out to the dry areas on our property where I grew up. I hope you are enjoying your summer.